How does Flipkart handle scale and the transition to mobile? [Video]


Mobile is currently one of the hottest topics of discussion and in a country like India where mobile is the first screen for millions, it opens up lots of possibilities for entrepreneurs. Flipkart, the largest eCommerce company in India that is currently valued at $11 billion and processes millions of transactions each day. About two years ago, 90% of the transactions happened on desktop for Flipkart but that number is now nearing single digits!

At YourStory's MobileSparks 2014, Saran Chatterjee, VP of Products at Flipkart shared insights from their journey and gave tips on how to build for scale. 8 startups showcased at the event and Saran's talk has a lot of value for them and all the other mobile companies out there. Here is a 20 minute video that talks about the core platform capabilities to create a differentiated experience:

(Video edited by Anjali Achal and shot by Rukmangada Raja)