Today is MobileSparks! Here’s what we have for you [Follow #msparks]


Mobile is eating the world. Really fast. It has changed the technology landscape drastically and the world is gearing up for a day when a majority of the global population will have a smartphone. And India is at the forefront of this mobile revolution.

Mobile is the first screen for the millions of Indian who’re coming online and they require ‘Made in India’ innovations. Indian technologists are up for this challenge and are coming up with some path-breaking innovations for the local as well as the global market.

And if there is one place where the top players, the latest innovations and the topical debates come together, it’s MobileSparks, YourStory’s platform for mobile innovations, which takes place today.

Here’s a list of our wonderful speakers and panels. It’s not too late, you can still buy your tickets here!

What’s Mobile Sparks without our Mobile Sparks? We’ll also be unveiling our top picks from the mobile startups this year. While you wait for that list, flashback to our sessions in 2013 and 2012.

Finally, a look at the buzz generated by MobileSparks (#msparks) on Twitter:

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