From an angel round of INR 10 Crores to INR 100 Crores revenue, Mobiliya is nothing short of an outlier


'India has more cell phones as compared to toilets'

This is a common saying that goes around the Internet with high chances it might be true, too.

Cellphone revolution has taken the country by storm. Not to lag behind in the revolution, startups joined the boat by building applications for mobile platforms. Soon we had Indian manufacturers join in to manufacture affordable handsets. A side effect of this has been the generational shift in culture by migration of kids from playgrounds to iPads; from playing hopscotch to playing Temple Run; having real life conversations to snap chatting. This trend has its own advantages and disadvantages. In the case of mobile phones, the time spent with them is much higher than any other gadget. This also poses a greater security risk. Mobiliya, a mobile solutions company is doing its bit by partnering with OEM to bring security solutions for the masses.

Mobiliya is a company under Agreeya Mobility, which was started by Ankush Tiwari, Krish Kupathil and Sudhi Herle. Tiwari was brought up in different parts of the country owing to the shifting nature of his father’s job. His father worked for the army, which also resulted in a disciplined upbringing. Tiwari joined the Army Institute of Technology, Pune where he completed his engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications. After engineering, he joined Motorola. There he worked on the CDMA and GSM technologies. Later, Tiwari joined Azingo technologies in Sunnyvale, California and worked as a part of an open consortium focused on developing a mobile platform in Linux, known as LiMo (an early version of Tizen).

Mr. Ankush Tiwari, SVP of Engineering & Managing Director, India– Mobiliya and Mr. Krish Kupathil, CEO - Mobiliya

Kupathil, on the other hand, who’s also the CEO, earlier worked in the field of enterprise mobility, realtime OS and in differentiated stacks with OEMs(Original Equipment Manufacturers) and chipset manufacturers. Harle comes from a security background.

Mobiliya primarily works in the enterprise space-creating applications in partnership with OEMs. Some of their products for the enterprise include:

Mobiliya Shoonya:  A software package for Mobile Device Management (MDM) that helps enterprises manage and control remote devices (in case you have to give tablets to employees for work). It manages the security of multiple devices and enforces different policies on the devices according to user behaviour. An alternate use case can be using the devices to keep track of family members.

Mobiliya KratOS: KratOS is a secure Android platform that creates two separate environments for workspace and personal use. It makes sure your workspace-based applications are not affected even if you download an app containing malware. It encrypts your personal data to ensure it isn’t compromised.

Mobiliya EdVelop: EdVelop is an education platform that facilitates both remote and classroom learning, but takes it to a completely new level by providing work flow models and rules. These features can be customised by the teacher or by the university.

In February 2010, the company raised USD 2 million from Saama capital in an angel round. It has since shown a growth rate of over 100% year on year according to Mobiliya. Tiwari claims they generated over INR 100 crores in revenue last year, and expect the company to grow on a similar rate this year, too.

Talking about lessons on building a massive empire, Tiwari says,

"Believe in yourself and your idea. Don’t look for historical references; you never know you are creating a new one . Always lead by example."


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