[Techie Tuesdays] Nominate your favorite Techie Tuesday from 2014


This year, we profiled techies form different sectors and age groups. They comprise hardware guys and software hackers, UI and UX guys and bug hunters. People who have found bugs in Dropbox or cracked into Facebook. We wrote about all of them. As the year comes to an end, we ask you to nominate the favorite stories of techies from 2014.

[Techie Tuesdays] From the power capital of India to the powerhouse of India’s largest e-commerce company – Amod Malviya, CTO, Flipkart


[Techie Tuesdays] Aman Singla, AVP – Engineering at Housing.com - Prior to Housing, Aman worked at Adobe where he built the web interface of Adobe Reader and also built a tool to browse adobe reader suing speech. He has also built tools to ease up the hiring process and plans to open up the source to public.

[Techie Tuesdays] From the power capital of India to the powerhouse of India’s largest e-commerce company – Amod Malviya, CTO, Flipkart - Coming from the small town of Shaktinagar, Amod Malviya's journey to heading technology for the largest ecommerce and technology brand in India, is a must read.



[Techie Tuesdays] Meet the techie behind the ‘Chota ATM’ - Bhaktha Keshvachar is Co founder and CTO of Ezetap has seen it all from Sinclair PCs to iPad and was instrumental in designing the Ezetap device for micropayments. Bhaktha is a hardware veteran and was at Intel working on micro architectures of Intel processors.

[Techie Tuesdays] The coder who is bringing the non-tech world into the folds of technology - Saket did not sleep for four nights when he got his first laptop. Saket loves helping social enterprises with his code and is the founder of Sosio - A platform for NGOs to monitor their campaigns.

[Techie Tuesdays] He is 52 years old, has been a successful entrepreneur, still codes and is a now a VC - Probably one of the very few coders in the country who is a VC too. Srikanth Sundararajan, an investor with Helion Venture Partners since the past year, a man who has seen the whole technology space evolve- both in the US and India.

[Techie Tuesdays] Manish Bhattacharya – The Kid who paid his education loan by hacking into facebook - Name a social platform and this kid would have hacked it. Be it Dropbox, Github, Facebook, Asana or Shopify, finding out bugs is a child's play for Manish Bhattacharya.



[Techie Tuesdays] Meet Sagar Pandey, Python whiz, Open Source lover, and is only a student - Sagar panday is interested in building applications for disabled people and has a deep interest in tracking government projects using digital platforms.

[Techie Tuesdays] How the employee no. 1 of Flat.to almost built a Saavn competitor - For most part during his early days Hemesh typed programs from his textbook into the school computer and relished when the output matched the book. Hemesh is the employee no. 1 at Flat.to and has helped built the version one of the platform.

[Techie Tuesdays] From Lingerie brands to casinos in Vegas, this techie has helped them all - Karthik Kini is one of the most silent people you will come across who will instead choose to demonstrate with his code. He has worked on a variety of platform and interesting problems ranging from writing code for casinos to building GPS applications.

[Techie Tuesdays] Ahimanikya Satapathy – Entrepreneur, Geek, Technology veteran, Ecosystem enabler - Ahimanikya is famous for Bootstrap breakfast and is the Founder of Bangalore Alpha Labs, a co-working place for startups in Bangalore. Ahimanikya's journey has been a notable one from being an art scholar to a coder.

Kenneth Reitz, Developer 'Requests - HTTP for Humans'


[Techie Tuesdays] Ravi Suhag – From helping his dad in farms to winning hackathons - Ravi Suhag has his way of winning, he loves to participate in hackathons and win them all. Yes, All the hackathons he participates in. How does he do it? read on to find out.

[Techie Tuesdays] Anand Chitipothu – The village boy who is impacting the world - Anand is one of the key organisers of PyCon India and has helped build the Open Library - A project under Internet Archive to have a web page for every book ever written. Anand story is the perfect example of hard work and perseverance.

[Techie Tuesdays] Anshul Singhle – The Accidental Programmer - Son of an Army man, Anshul does not believe in following conventions. He is the cofounder of BetaGlide and has worked on Drupal repository to make it compatible with Git.

[Techie Tuesdays] Adityo Deshmukh – musician, swimmer, engineering dropout and lisper - Adityo was one of the early team members of cleartrip and coded their entire hotel booking system from scratch. He is one the few LISPers around and currently helping build systems at HelpShift.


[Techie Tuesdays] Vedang Manerikar, scaling systems at Helpshift - Vedang was a very team member at Helpshift and is an expert when it comes to scaling. He is also a mythology buff and was once offered to write the script for a TV program by Disney UTV.

[Techie Tuesdays] How Kenneth Reitz impacted the programming world in two hours - Kenneth Reitz wrote the 'Requests' for python which has been downloaded over 18 million time and has over 300 contributors supporting it. Kenneth has a strong inclination towards spirituality.

[Techie Tuesdays] Indian DIY hacker Arvind Sanjeev, the inventor of ‘desi’ Google Glass - Another hardware hacker, Arvind Sanjeev is known for creating the Google Glass clone and fin- the sixth sense device.

[Techie Tuesdays] Debarghya Das – The genius who exposed the anomalies of the Indian education system - Debarghya Das was playing around with ICSE results when he came up with a hack and decided to get the results of entire country. As he executed a script for the same he figured out certain disturbing patterns which suggested malpractice in correcting answer scripts. Some of the code written by him is being used by the top companies around the world.


[Techie Tuesdays] Aaron Swartz – The Eklavya of our times - Aaron Swartz is the role model of every open source activist. When it comes to Internet copyright laws, Aaron is often compared to Eklavya whose status denied him the education and was punished for learning Archery. Aaron sacrificed his life for the freedom of internet. Read about him to find out more.

[Techie Tuesdays] Dhananjay Kumar – “Rather than creating an app, I want to enable 100 people so that they can create 100 apps” - Dhananjay has been a five time Microsoft MVP(Most Valued Professional) and a prolific blogger, blogging about C#. He is the director of C# Corner Annual Conference. Dhananjay goes to villages and teaches coding to underprivileged students.

[Techie Tuesdays] This FOSS enthusiast brought the CloudStack Bangalore community on par with Japan - Meeting with Richard stallman changed her life and she left her career in journalism to pursue coding. Radhika is at the forefront of CloudStack Bangalore Community and is helping more women join the open source ecosystem.

[Techie Tuesdays] The Mozilla evangelist on the train – Story of Priyanka Nag - Priyanka was a diehard fan of Microsoft before she explored the world of open source and became a convert. She is one of the very few women evangelists of the Mozilla community.

Kiran Jonnalagadda – Founder, HasGeek


[Techie Tuesdays] A tribute to Humblefool, the best coder that ever lived in India - Harsha Suryanarayana was best competitive coder to come out of India. He was killed by a speeding car on 15th June 2014. His first priority was teaching other people to code and he did the same when he could have got a job with any tech company in the world given his abilities.

[Techie Tuesdays] Aravind -The open source hardware genius who has burnt more than his proverbial fingers - A Junior Research Fellow in the Intelligent Control Systems at IISC, Bangalore, Arvind burnt his house down while trying a home automation project. A Hardware enthusiast to the core, Aravind is someone who is not afraid to fail.

Aravind Ravi, Founder, Scrollback – who swears by Open Source [Techie Tuesday] - Aravind is an IIT Kharagpur and IIM Ahmedabad alumni, who has always been fascinated by the startup ecosystem. Aravind Ravi Sulekha is the cofounder of Scrollback, an Open Source company.

[Techie Tuesdays] Krace, the ace star of Python - Krace Ramaraju is a Python enthusiast who spearheads the Bangalore Python Users Group – BangPypers. He played a key role in bringing back the almost dead Bangalore Python Users Group into action.


[Techie Tuesdays] Karthik Bhat – The coder who is changing lives - An avid traveler, Karthik during his week he works at Cisco and during weekends he teaches python to underprivileged kids. He learnt MS pffice to impress a girl in his class and has been learning things ever since.

[Techie Tuesdays] Ankit Daftery: coder, hardware hacker and photographer, all rolled in one - Ankit is a hardware hacker and loves to play around with electricity. He champions Arduino and loves to build robots.

[Techie Tuesdays] A ‘CHIP’ off the old block, Kiran Jonnalagadda – Founder, HasGeek - Kiran has been at helm of the Technology revolution in India since it early days. Kiran was one of youngest employees at CHIP India. Most people of his age are senior managers in corporate setups while he knows that is not something to aspire to.


[Techie Tuesdays] Vivek Bansal – The bounty hunter who lied to his parents - Vivek could have been a civil engineer, had he not followed his heart. Vivek works hard on exposing the security vulnerabilities and bug hunting. He is an android developed with Times Internet Limited.

[Techie Tuesdays] Nirman Dave, the 17-year-old ‘professor’ who started coding to fight bullies - Like his classmates, Nirman Dave has just graduated from school. But while others only have their diplomas to flaunt, Nirman has an array of achievements to his credit – CEO of his company, co-inventor of ANTable (a multi-touch surface table), a teaching position at his own school and mentoring an ‘Introduction to computer science’ course at a university in his town. All this at just 17!

[Techie Tuesdays] Fankit Aadia: life is a waste, if you don’t know copy paste - Fankit Aadia likes to count his age in binary and helps the intelligence agencies around the world to crack their cases. He also played a crucial role in MH370 search.

[Techie Tuesdays] Kailash Nadh – the techie who knows how to ‘make it large’


[Techie Tuesdays] Saurabh Minni, the developer who developed without a device - Saurabh Minni is an android developer and is an expert at scaling systems. He is the Technology Architect at AdNear. He is also a member of BarCamp Bangalore organizing team.

[Techie Tuesdays] Santhosh Tuppad: Negotiating the thin line between ethical and unethical hacking - An ethical hacker turned Software tester whose life revolves around finding vulnerabilities. One of the founding members of Moolya, Santhosh was devoted to IRC and even traveled to another city to meet his IRC friends.

[Techie Tuesdays] Kailash Nadh – the techie who knows how to ‘make it large’ - Kailash Nadh is the CTO of Zerodha, A discount brokerage firm. Most of the products made by Kailash are used by millions of people around the globe and has a potential of earning billions for him. But he chooses to give it away. Why does he do it? read the article to find out.

[Techie Tuesdays] The case of the ‘curious tester’: Parimala Hariprasad - For someone who has seen over 40 rejections in job interviews before becoming a tester, Parimala is more than a human being with a perfect blend of skills, right attitude and larger than life vision. Right from her first job at Oracle to her current role at PassBrains, she has evolved from being a tester to a flag bearer of the testing community and women in tech.


[Techie Tuesdays] How an English Literature graduate turned into an instructional designer? Story of Deepa Pottangadi - Deepa Pottangadi is an English Literature graduate who works as an Instructional Designer at Eucalyptus Systems Inc., Bangalore. Born and brought up in Jamshedpur, Deepa is a fearless person and went through an interesting series of accidents leading to where she is today.

[Techie Tuesdays] The story of a hardware genius, Anool Mahidharia - 49-year-old Anool is settled in Mumbai with his family business, Lumetronics. He has been dealing in hardware for more than three decades now and his life journey is nothing less than a mine of resources for any open source hardware enthusiast. This techie can be spotted on Mumbai roads cycling to work or taking an origami workshop somewhere.

[Techie Tuesdays] Thejesh GN, activist armed with Open Data -Thejesh GN has dedicated his life to Activism and loves to use technology for the same purpose. He uses data to bring out intelligent and actionable insights to use it for the purpose of good governance. He is also working on platform to keep track of all the RTIs ever filed in India.


Kartik Mandaville, coder, product developer from the other MIT [Techie Tuesdays] - Karthik is Director of Technology at Science.Inc and he is still doing his masters in Machine Learning. Karthik worked at Shareholic where he developed products used by over 300 million people every month.

Vivek N, the coder who got his wisdom in the Himalayas [Techie Tuesdays] - Vivek dropped out of education in class sixth and went to Himalayas where learnt his life lessons. Vivek played a key role in coding Rediff Bol (the chat tool for rediff in early 2000's) he is also a martial arts enthusiast and an avid biker.

[Techie Tuesdays] Yuvi Panda – Coder, Rebel and Not a Zombie - Yuvi Panda, dropped out of his college and was invited for speaking at a TEDx at the same college out of which dropped out. Yuvi panda is one of the top developers at Wikimedia. He got recognized by Robert Scoble when he was in school for a hack he did back then. Yuvi Panda is one of the best coders in Bangalore.

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