Octro aims for 10 millions users with Teen Patti World cup


Remember the online game contests that were the highlight of your college days? Dota, AOE, CS Tournaments and more? The thrill of participating, competing with friends and classmates and then the wins and losses? Indian gaming company Octro is trying to bring back the same excitement, on mobile rather than internet, with its Teen Patti World Cup and at the same time boost its userbase fourfold.

Octro has been one of the few Indian successes in the Indian mobile gaming space. It is the most downloaded app from India on the Android Playstore with more than 10 million downloads across various games. The World Cup is expected to push these numbers even higher.

This 20-day free to participate tournament will have 5 slots per day of 2 hours each and users can participate in one or more slots per day. Each player receives 10,000 free chips to participate at the start of each slot.

The company has entered into a partnership with ‘FreeCharge’ for sponsorship recharge coupons as prizes to participants and winners everyday. Each participating player will be rewarded a ‘FreeCharge’ coupon worth Rs 70. The top 1000 players in the Octro Teen Patti World Cup 2014 will win ‘FreeCharge’ coupons worth Rs 1000.

“The Octro Teen Patti World Cup 2014 is one of the biggest platforms for online gaming. It enables users from across India to participate at a common platform,” Saurabh Aggarwal, CEO, Octro Inc says.

“We aim to engage more than 10 million new and current users on the platform through this championship. It currently has more than 2.5 million Daily Active Users.”

Octro’s user base currently comprises of men to a large extent, mainly because of the popularity of Teen Patti in that segment. The company is also popularizing games like Tambola, where there is a more balanced division between male and female players.

A deep dive in this user-base shows that most users fall in the age groups of 18- 35 with several college students who spend hours playing Octro Teen Patti. Typically, these are users who have played teen patti offline atleast once in their lifetime though the team is trying hard to popularize the games like teen patti and rummy amongst card players and non-players as well.

Their majority users come from Gujarat, Maharashtra, and the Hindi-speaking belt in North India showing the effective localization of the app. Multiplayer games are getting more and more popular on mobile with companies like Octro building in-house technology for game developers to create multi-player games to support millions of concurrent players.

That said, the Teen Patti World cup is a live example of how gaming apps are scaling themselves across such a wider user base with the effective use of localization techniques.


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