Top 40 quotes for mobile startups from Mobile Sparks 2014!


The third edition of the annual Mobile Sparks conference and showcase of Indian startups revealed not just the top notable mobile startups and new apps of India, but a wealth of insights and advice from investors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, techies and designers.

Here is my pick of the Top 40 quotes for mobile innovators, from YourStory’s 2014 edition of Mobile Sparks! See also the Top 20 quotes from MobileSparks 2013 and Top 30 quotes from TechSparks 2014.


“Focus on the user: pick the painkillers to address and not the vitamins.”

- Anand Chandrasekaran, Bharti Airtel

“The big trend of 2014 in India has been the rise of mobile-first companies.”

- TC Meenakshisundaram, IDG Ventures

“Within two months our mobile wallet user base will exceed credit card penetration in India.”

- Amit Lakhotia, Paytm

“One day I should be able pay my auto fare by tapping my phone on the meter.”

- Bhaktka Keshavachar, EzeTap

“Mobile has evolved from communication device to desktop extension - and now to extension of life.”

- Sunit Singh, Cleartrip

“The three phases of mobile shopper engagement are Attraction, Amplification and Addiction.”

- Saran Chatterjee, Flipkart

“The mobile phone will have as many sensors as the automobile!”

- Karthee Madasamy, Qualcomm Ventures

“Shopping is a form of entertainment for many of our users.”

- Prasad Kompalli, Myntra

“There is no such thing as ‘cannot be measured’ – create a culture of daily metrics in your company!”

- Kunal Shah, Freecharge

“Make it easy for your audience to use your app with their friends. Evaluate your revenue metrics, and benchmark with industry leaders.”

- Anila Andrade, 99Games

“Use ads for monetization of apps and services – but don’t offend your users.”

- Prashant Dixit,

“The last material goods which monks seem to hang on to is the mobile phone!”

- Govind Shivkumar, LGT Ventures

“Mobile is not a vertical anymore; as a horizontal it affects everything.”

- Karthee Madasamy, Qualcomm Ventures

“Mobile is coming of age in India. The inflection point was 2014. There will be many India-first and India-only plays. I am bullish on Indian entrepreneurs today.”

- Bharati Jacob, Seedfund

“Being a copycat is not bad – look at how many taxi apps are in the India market today doing good things for commuters!”

- Rutvik Doshi, Inventus India

“Mobile is a key platform for workflow solutions in India.”

- Karan Mohla, IDG Ventures India

“It is mostly machines that are using SMS these days, not humans!”

- Amit Bhor, Walnut

“Location is the lifeline of our business. Location accuracy impacts revenue.”

- Harsha Kumar, Olacabs

“The human attention span is now less than that of a goldfish!”

- Amit Somani, Ex-Makemytrip

“Testing is seen as unglamorous – that left the growing and lucrative testing market wide open for us!”

– Pradeep Soundararajan, Moolya Testing



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