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Videos are the future. It’s that time of the year when we look back and contemplate. 2014 has been filled with energy for startups and we’ve seen startups hog the lime light all over. And for us, this is a matter of pride.Here, we’re looking at our analytics and putting forth the 10 most watched videos on YS TV. These stories are not curated on the basis of our preference but is purely a reflection of what our readers have read want to see.

Dosamatic - World's First Table Top Automatic Dosa Machine

DosaMatic from Mukunda Foods Pvt Ltd is India's first table top automatic dosa making machine which can make one dosa per minute. DosaMatic is Made in India, manufactured in India and made for the world.

Virender Singh aka Googna Pehelwan

Wrestler Virender Singh is India's most successful deaf athlete. Mission Rio16 aims to help Virender in his quest to reach the Rio Olympics 2016. Mission Rio16 is an attempt by the filmmakers of Goonga Pehelwan to help fulfill, for a differently abled athlete, what is considered to be every athlete's greatest dream.


YourStory Fabulous WorkPlaces -

TaxiForSure is a startup based out of Bangalore which is one of the top Call Taxi services in the hot radio-taxi market of India.


How to Stand Out in the age of Digital Clutter and Noise by Ramesh Srivats

RAMESH SRIVATS, Founder, TenTenTen at TechSparks 2014, know more about the trendings and spamming on social media and learn to promote your product using social media and effectively use digtal market.



Arunabh Kumar, Founder & Group CEO - The ViralFeverMedia Labs. Hear the story of how the viral fever evolved and why did the qtiyapa guy decide to start his own production firm.

YourStory Fabulous Workplaces - Practo

Get a tour inside the office of Practo, a technology company that builds products to make patients experience better. PractoSearch helps you book an appointment of yours with a doctor online. Practoray, another product of Practo which is used by the doctors to manage their patient records.


YS Exclusive : Hugo Barra on Flipkart, India learnings & future plans

What India taught Xiaomi: On Flipkart, lessons and future plans with Hugo Barra, VP Global.


Msg in a 2min bottle [the pitch] 

Author Michael Hauge’s book, Selling Your Story In 60 Seconds, proposed 8 steps to a powerful pitch. Out of these 8 essential steps that assure a winning pitch, 5 relevant for presentations, as proposed by Shradha Sharma here in this video. You will be a true winner if you can just keep it on time.

YourStory Fabulous Workplaces -

Here YourStory TV gives you a tour inside's office - India's leading rela-estate portal.

The Convenience Economy - Fireside chat with Bhavish Aggarwal

Overview of Ola by the man himself, Bhavish Aggarwal, from the day he started to the day where they are 1000+ employees today.


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