[Startup Watchlist] 3 behind the scene startups to look out for


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It's been an exciting year for Indian Startups and probably the best time to start this Watchlist. Running for about 6 months now and as we near the end of the year, here is an archive of all the previous Startup Watchlists. And just before we dive in to the new year festivities, I've put together a list of three behind the scenes startups. Two have been around for a while and one was a discovery at the recently concluded MobileSparks. Here they are:

1. iReffThe likes of PayTM, Freecharge, Mobikwik have been in the limelight and are written about regularly but there are companies that work under them and do the so called dirty work. iReff is in the buisness of lead generation and for the consumers in India, they are solving the pre-paid mobile tariff information problem.

iReff is a mobile app that gives users an easy way to find best prepaid mobile recharge available on Android, Windows, iPhone and BB10 platforms. iReff on Android alone has more than 1+ million downloads and is rated among top 20 shopping apps. With 800 Million+ pre-paid users, growing internet penetration and affordable smartphones in India, it has great potential. iReff is co-founded by three technology professionals who have more than 25 years of experience cumulatively.

2. CloudCodes Founded in 2011, CloudCodes builds cloud based Products for Google Apps and strongly believes in building the ecosystem around Google Apps. They have products in 2 major categories- one focused in bridging the gap between an enterprise expectation and Google Apps by providing Admin tools and second is to build business applications leveraging on Google cloud technologies.

The company has been founded Debasish Pramanik and Rahul Bhavsar who have exerience in enterprise system architecture, performance management, scalability and enterprise sales & management respectively. Cumulatively, they have been in the industry for close to 30 years and have led CloudCodes from the front. CloudCodes has close to 250 customers across the world which sums to 1,67,000+ users in total and the company aims to clock in revenues of $1 million by end of financial year 2015-16.

3. VoconowYoungest of the lot, Voconow publicly launched at MobileSparks 2014. Founded by Pune based Anand Kulkarni, an entrepreneur with 10 years of corporate experience, Voconow is in the mobile ad-tech space. Objects, that are normally static in nature are increasingly getting transformed into interactive, intelligent and connected objects. Voconow is a part of this revolution.

Starting with static print media campaigns, Voconow’s mobile technology offers a scalable platform for businesses to build interactive, intelligent and connected print media campaigns, and manage them from the cloud. "Our focus is on turning newspaper ads into revenue centers for brands. Advertisers can generate leads / inquiries through their newspaper ads. If an advertiser has a e-store, they can even sell products through a print ad. For example, Snapdeal can showcase various products in a small print ad which customers can buy straight through the ad. P-commerce, if you will," says Anand. The company recently worked with Lenovo and Ogilvy to make their Vibe X2 smartphone newspaper ad interactive. Watch here.

Well, this is what I had in store for this week! I'd be taking a break with the Startup Watchlist for a couple of weeks to come back in the second week of January! For any feedback, drop in a line to me at jubin@yourstory.com.


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