Nuances of 'mobile user experience' design from Cleartrip's Design Head [Video]


User experience plays a key role in getting users comfortable with a product. User experience is not just the screen but the entire process design as to how user will interact with the product. And with the mobile overtaking desktops, designing user experience for the mobile has become a critical part for any company. At MobileSparks 2014, YourStory's annual conference on 'mobile', some of the best mobile companies presented and alongside, there was a lineup of speakers and panels to talk about various subjects around mobile. Sunit Singh, also known as @surdattack, the design head at Cleartrip was one of the crowd pullers for the event and he talked about the nuances of mobile user experience design. Here is the complete video:

(Video edited by Anjali Achal and shot by Rukmangada Raja)