With the war getting bigger, the warriors get smaller. TaxiForSure launches ‘Nano Taxi Service’


The auto-rickshaws in Bangalore cost Rs 25 for first two kms and then Rs 13/km. Though the prices themselves are not very competitive when compared against the offerings by the taxi aggregators, what makes it even more hostile are the extra charges levied over and above the meter readings. And to add to your options, Bangalore-based TaxiForSure today launched their new category of Nano taxis in the city today. The service will be priced at Rs. 25 for the first 2 k.m. and Rs. 10 / km after that, making it cheaper than the auto and the most reasonable and comfortable taxi service available in the Bangalore city.

TaxiForSure launched the service with 100 Nanos in Bangalore and will be expanded to other Indian cities in the coming weeks. The Nano service will be available exclusively on the TaxiForSure app and mobile site in the ‘Pick Now’ option, which makes a cab available in minutes.

To give you an idea, you have to pay only Rs 75 to travel 7 kms in the air-conditioned Tata Nano, whereas an auto will cost you Rs 90 for the same distance. Besides that, Nano is a 4+1 seater while an auto is 3+1. But the real battle is definitely going to be on the grounds of ease of access to the conveyance.

What does it mean?

TaxiForSure claims that this is a unique move in the Indian transportation industry so far, making in-city taxi travel even more convenient and affordable. Raghunandan G, Co-founder and CEO, TaxiForSure, highlighted the impact of launching Nano-as-a-taxi-service in the market:

1. Taxi industry requires innovative ways to bring more cars onto the road and Tata Nano fits in the bill and help in increasing the availability of vehicles.

2. Tata Nano is perfectly suited for city travel with its small footprint and zippy commute. This leads to a higher number of trips/day and hence more earnings for a driver partner.

3. With low down payment and EMIs, it is light on the pockets of the driver partners.

4. Nano taxi service is more affordable for the customer.

So, what happens to the autos?

AprameyaRadhakrishna, co-founder and director, TaxiForSure said,

In last three years of existence, TaxiForSure has provided over 3 million rides covering more than 40 million kms across 14 cities.The customer's convenience matters the most to us and it has a direct correlation with the number of taxis on road. We have launched Nano for the same and if the supply is not ramped up, then we will not shy away from including the autos as well.
We focus on what people need and not what people want or ask for. 

Marketing and the 360 brand campaign

Aprameya believes that it's important to acquire the new customers at this stage and there's still time for the business model to evolve and mature. Working on the same lines, TaxiForSure launched the first ever 360 brand campaign in India. The TVC campaign features on Hindi movie, music, lifestyle, business and news channels.

Aprameya said,

Our customers have given us positive feedback on the pricing, service levels and reliability of TaxiForSure. This gave us the confidence to launch a 360 degree campaign that will help us take our services to a lot more people. TaxiForSure wants to change the customer mind set by getting taxis to be a part of their everyday life and choose TaxisForSure given its affordability and reliability.

Created by Lowe Lintas & Partners, the campaign will be spread across two months panning TV, OOH, Print, Radio and Online.

Earlier this year, TaxiForSure had raised $50 million in series C round of funding. With this pace of expenditure, it's only a matter a time when there's need for another round.

Radio taxi service is the next ecommerce in India. Check out this space for more updates from the sector.



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