[Techie Tuesdays] From students to VCs, who live and breathe tech: read all about them here


As the year draws to a close, here we are again thanking our brilliant techies for their wonderful contributions in the world of tech. This Tuesday, we bring you the roundup of eight techies who worked hard towards making the world a better place. This time we have a mix of students and veterans, startuppers and VCs.

Bhaktha Keshavachar, Co-founder and CTO, Ezetap

Bhaktha Keshavachar - Bhaktha is a hardware genius who started his journey on a Sinclair Zx spectrum and has waded effortlessly to the social media generation. He is the CTO of Ezetap and is one of the foremost people in India to contribute to the payments revolution. Bhaktha is the mind behind designing the Ezetap device which is pioneering the mini payments market and aiming to reduce the dependence on age-old techniques like ledger. It also helps bring your inventory online. Click here to read more about Bhaktha.

Saket Bhushan - Saket did not sleep for four continuous nights when he got his first laptop. He is the Founder of a community management platform called Sosio. When Saket Bhushan wanted to get better at programming, he asked Richard Stallman for advice. Find out what Richard had to tell him.

Srikanth Sundararajan - Srikanth is another veteran who has seen it all. In his long career, Srikanth has donned many roles. He was the CTO of Cognizant Systems and at present is a partner at Helion Ventures. Srikanth is a VC, who still codes. Did we tell you that he is 52 years old? Find out more about Srikanth.

Manish Bhattacharya

Manish Bhattacharya - Talk about any big platform and there are high chances that Manish has discovered bugs in the platform. Be it Facebook, Asana, Github or Dropbox. Coming from a small town, he used the bug bounty he received from these programs to pay off his education loan. Read more to find out how he did it.

Sagar Pandey - Sagar is a final-year engineering student at Assam University. Sagar has been building products and contributing to Open Source. He has also built products for blind people. Sagar won the TechSparks hackathon held by YourStory recently. Find out more about Sagar here.

Hemesh Singh - Hemesh Singh was the first employee at Flat.to (acquired by CommonFloor) and helped design the platform from scratch. He has been doing multiple projects all of which had the potential to grow into individual startups. He almost built a Saavn competitor, but abandoned his attempts at scaling it when he heard about gaana.com getting funded by Indiatimes.com. Read more about Hemesh Singh

Ahimanikya Satapathy – Entrepreneur, Geek, Technology veteran, Ecosystem enablerKarthik Kini - Karthik has been a freelancer for most part of his working life. A computer science engineer from Manipal, he has worked on geo location before it was a buzzword, and has helped design systems for casinos. Read more about Karthik here.

Ahimanikya Satapathy - Anyone who has been part of the Bangalore startup ecosystem knows Ahimanikya Satapathy. Ahimanikya comes from an art background and made it big in the tech community. He has his heart at the merger of tech and healthcare. Ahimanikya has a startup DocEngage and also runs Bangalore Alpha Lab, workplace for startups. Find out more about Ahimanikya here.


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