Top mobile startups from India, here are the MobileSparks of 2014


Looking for the best of Indian mobile startups? Well, YourStory's MobileSparks attempts to unearth the best of the mobile every year and 2014 is the third edition. Here are the companies from 2012, and here are the exciting companies from 2013. Here are the companies that showcased this year:

Appknox: Appknox helps developers and enterprises to uncover and fix security loopholes in few minutes. Appknox provides an easy-to-use security auditing tool for both source code and application binary file analysis by regularly scanning the mobile apps automatically both before and after they are published and alerts them about vulnerabilities as and when they are identified. (READ FULL STORY)

Fyne: A product from Fitsome that wants to change eating habits. Fyne is an app that suggests healthy food. With Fyne, fitsome provides a way of finding restaurants around you. Incubated from the Draper University, Fyne is currently in beta and is trying out to develop intelligence around finding the right food for users according to the mood.

Orobind: Orobind is a marketplace to discover personal fitness coaches around and book their sessions. Users can set weight loss goals, earn rewards on progress and monitor progress discussing it continuously either with Orobind's in-house coaches/motivation experts or the personal coach. User also gets unlimited access to nutritional experts and algorithm driven workout plans.

Squadrun: It is a mobile marketplace helping businesses outsource micro-tasks that require human intelligence. From the user side, SquadRun is a gamified app that allows anybody with a smartphone to make money on a per task basis. Mobile-first approach leverages 'dead time' of people which acts as a massive cost arbitrage and also attracts higher quality workforce. A few use cases that SquadRun's mobile army is currently being used for - Content moderation, Data tagging, Categorization, Surveys, Sentiment Analysis, etc. (READ FULL STORY

Voconow: Objects, that are normally static in nature are increasingly getting transformed into interactive, intelligent and connected objects. Voconow is a part of this revolution. Starting with static print media campaigns, Voconow's mobile technology offers a highly scalable platform for businesses to build interactive, intelligent and connected print media campaigns, and manage them from the cloud.

Voonik: eCommerce has grown by leaps and bounds and mobile as seen a huge growth here. Shopping behaviour differs widely for men and women. The usage is much more intricate for women and to make a mark in this space, Voonik has built a personal shopping app only for women. Int ha last four months, Voonik has got 160k downloads and has fashion handpicked by stylists from multiple stores to suit a women's body, lifestyle and budget.

Walnut: Walnut is a smart personal digital assistant which is always in auto-mode and deeply understands the users SMS Inbox. It provides intuitive visualizations and smart insights and auto-magically tracks banks, credit cards, bills, and a lot more. It helps users save time and money. Currently available on Android, Walnut already has 10k+ downloads after launching in October.

Xenon: Built by a team of automotive retail experts, Xenon revolutionises the entire automotive lifecycle and tries to create a connected experience for the customer. Xenon Automative brings car brands closer to their customers and helps owners engage with their cars.