[Video] When passion becomes profession, story of InkOverMatter


For most people getting a tattoo is a once in a lifetime experience. If something goes wrong, then you are left with the mark to remind you of the ‘could have been better design’ for life until you decide to spend huge amounts to remove it. In the similar manner the amount of hard work which goes into making a tattoo cannot be compared to anything. For a Tattoo artist, his client trusts him with his body part and the onus is left on him to carry out a perfect work.

It is a creative field where there is no room for mistakes and mistakes are waiting to happen. Earlier this year we covered InkOverMatter, A tattoo studio try to make its mark in the already crowded space of creative folks. It is very rare that some people get to work in the field they are passionate about and especially when you want to be an artist or a writer. Watch the journey of Vevek Subba and Anurag Pradhan about how they turned their passion into profession.


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