Ex Googler on voyage to make every website in India intelligent through his big data startup CloudInfra


Analytics equip businesses with actionable data. With the advent of big data companies are mining data which help them to map consumer behaviour, consumption pattern, segmentation among several other facets of business. Top websites like Facebook, Google, Amazon and Twitter amaze their customers through their intelligence and this is powered by a huge infrastructures of machine learning systems.

On the similar lines Melchizedec Sunararaj, an ex Googler launched CloudInfra, an ad-hoc big data processing platform which basically adds intelligence to websites. The startup specializes in building large scale data processing frameworks for unstructured data.

CloudInfra’s flagship product Cloudbash provides a quick and easy way to process your logs/machine data. “Cloudbash is a revolutionary way to process big data, with simple Linux tool. Importantly, no complex map-reduces needs to be built to analyze your data,” says Melchizedec.

At present the startup offers three products - CloudBash, CloudDash and CloudRec under its umbrella. While CloudBash is a simple Linux command to process big data on the cloud and completes most advanced data processing operation in single command, CloudDash ensures zero involvement in data collection and delivers metrics on dashboard. CloudRec is a plug and play Javascript to get actionable suggestions in real time.

“Cloud providers like AWS and AZURE provided the confidence that intelligence could be done outside of Facebook, Google and Twitter. Intelligence has to be built based on insights from data. CloudBash is an ad-hoc big data processing platform we built specifically to enable us deliver high quality intelligence to our clients,” adds Melchizedec.

Melchizedec is an alumnus of College of Engineering, Guindy and has built large scale infrastructure and machine learning projects like automatic encoding conversion, machine translation, text prediction etc. for over seven years in Google. He was also a part of Google’s Hindi-English translation launch, crawler, Google search (anking improvements to crawling infrastructure).

When it comes to differniator, Melchizedec points out, “CloudInfra empowers a linux geek to process big data on the cloud. We strongly feel the future belongs to them.”

A quick look at Big data market projections

The big data market in India, which presents a huge market opportunity for the IT and analytics firm has been estimated to touch $1 billion by 2015. According to a NASSCOM report the global ‘Big Data’ market opportunity is estimated to grow at 45 per cent annually to reach $ 25 billion by 2015, from the current size of about $ 8 billion.

With eight people team CloudInfra currently has a handful of clients including Intuit, Indiaproperty, Call2action, juspay and many platform consumers. “Intelligence is never unwelcome. We see great excitement in our prospects and clients,” adds Melchizedec. As far as future plans of CloudInfra is concerned, Melchizedec and team aspire to make every single website in india and abroad intelligent.

The US and Bangalore based company charges one time integration fee for its recommendation system followed by a volume based monthly charges.

Use case of the product

CloudInfra’s intelligence product cloudrec, provides a simple way to power recommendation systems on different websites. It works for different verticals like real estate, e-commerce among others. “Customers can plug our JS to get a high quality recommendation system for their website. Our platform cloudbash helps process large files/logs on the cloud using linux shell commands and scripts,” adds Melchizedec.