Big data startup Corporate360 raises $200K funding, plans global expansion


Singapore headquartered big data startup Corporate360 has raised $200,000 in angel funding from seed investors that will be used to launch a new marketing data product & expand their data science and sales teams.

Founded in 2012, the cloud-based B2B marketing data software provider has products which are used by over 300 global customers including Dell, HP and VMware. The company plans to release a new SaaS-based B2B marketing campaign product and mobile applications of their products by mid 2015.

Corporate360 grew into a multi-million dollar business within three years as a bootstrapped venture. The company is profitable with operations in 5 countries with a team size of 30 executives. Profitable from inception, the company grew from revenue (first year) of $250k to a million dollar mark in just three years.  The founders have had reinvested revenue to grow the company.

Corporate360 team

In an earlier interview, the founder and CEO of the company Varun Chandran had talked about what makes his company different,

A lot of companies talk about Big Data and Predictive Analytics for marketing methods, but they are not designed to be industry specific. Their algorithms are designed to grind transactional data and web behaviour hence providing generic data indicators, we bring industry specific sales relevance to the customer, which enables them to create highly targeted sales campaigns to the right people at the right time with the right messaging.

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Varun Chandran

The platform covers company profile, contact intelligence, organisation charts, tech install info, competitive intelligence, predictive analytics, sales triggers & social data through a low cost Data-as-a-Service model. Corporate360 DaaS model is unique and innovative delivering high value for customers, ensuring highest level of data accuracy, ongoing data maintenance and real-time updates.

Corporate360 also recently hired two new senior team members: an Enterprise Sales Director and a CTO. The company in discussions with 10 engineering colleges and partnered with ICT Academy of Kerala to partner on campus drives to hire 20 engineers and 50 interns in Singapore and India this year.

The company believes that they are in a unique position to be the example for the nascent start-up scene in Asia that is just beginning to find real traction in the West. As part of their social mission to bring IT jobs to rural towns in India, Corporate360 opened its first “data factory” office in Pathanapuram, a tier-2 town in Kerala, employing 30 data science and software engineers.

Ashish Mandirathil, Director at Corporate360 mentioned that the company is constructing a 50-person technology park in Kerala, India. The 25-person office currently in use will be converted into staff living space and the new office facilities are expected to be operational by June 2015. This will result in saving on operating costs and increase company assets in the long run and hence allow them to better support their employees and innovation plans.

Startup story of Corporate360


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