delivers parcels in three easy steps: compare, book and send

0 is a new online logistics startup. It connects those who want to send couriers with those who can send it for them within their budget and time requirement.

Vinay Bhartia, co-founder and CEO tells YourStory, “We are connecting customers to the service. MY PARCEL was the main inspiration behind Pacco - in Italian - means Parcel, that is how we came up with the name MyPacco.” The founders chose to go with .com to add global appeal to their startup. “We are an India connect initiative servicing domestic India, India outbound and India inbound,” says Vinay. Backed by a strong and experienced board of advisors and team, MyPacco aims to be an efficient and hassle-free alternative for customers who want to send their documents and parcels from anywhere in India to anywhere in the world in three easy steps: compare, book and send.

The team has been started by entrepreneurs Vinay Bhatia and Mukesh Agarwal. Vinay started his entrepreneurial journey in the year 2000. He is a Purdue University graduate and a member of the Indian angel network. Mukesh has been an entrepreneur since 1999. He is also an active angel investor and an MBA from IIM Kolkata. is currently in beta launch. It has a team of 14, which includes the tech guys. As of now, the startup is a self-funded venture.

Product features

Features like comparator allows customers to view multiple options from different courier companies and then book an order catering to their specific needs. The courier company collects the parcel from the customer’s doorstep and delivers it to recipient at the specified address. With the track option, customers can track their order online anytime. In addition, the tools offer a list of documentation and packaging guidelines that answer FAQs on parcel pickup.

Three problem points

Discovery of service providers

Vinay says, “Our platform will reach out to customers through various advertising, marketing and PR initiatives. Customers discover the various service providers and their offerings via our platform. So service providers can reach out to customers through our platform and offer them the entire range of services. “


“Customers don’t know that available services include delivery guarantees depending upon price ranges. For instance, a next day delivery guarantee or a two-day guarantee. They send their documents and parcels with little knowledge of the types of services (transit times) and prices. We are offering one platform where they can choose the service provider for sending their parcel to its destination vs. calling each service provider individually to understand their offering and prices,” he adds.


“They can do the same from their house /office without stepping out and will not have to run around looking for a courier shop. Also, very shortly, our mobile app shall make it easier for customers to send parcels,” promises Vinay. gives the option of delivering on the same day, the next day, within two days or between three and five days. The startup says delivery services are provided within the country and in more than 200 countries worldwide.

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