[Photo Sparks] The Many Faces of India – through paintings, prints, sculptures and cartoons!


PhotoSparks is a weekly feature from YourStory, with photographs that celebrate the spirit of creativity and innovation! In this photo essay, we highlight the exhibition, ‘The Many Faces of India.’ In the earlier 40 posts, we brought you a wide range of creative photographs from an art fair, music festival, painting fair, telecom expo, art museum, mobile showcase, math museum, social hackathon, bookstore, co-working space, sensorium, lantern festival, flower show, outdoor ads, startup roadshow, computer museum, startup T-shirts, business cards, art therapy, Diwali rangoli, ecopreneurs, painter-poets, health activists, eNGOs and digital innovators.

This month, the open spaces on the top floors of 1 MG Road in Bangalore are host to the art show, ‘The Many Faces of India’ – and also offer views of the city’s (dwindling) greenery and lakes. "Taking art to public spaces is one way to generate public interest in art,” says art curator Deepa Subramanian. The paintings, sculptures and photographs showcase artists such as Aditi Hazra, Aruna Chandaraju, Harriet Pollard, Meena Das Narayan, Milind Nayak, Sachin Jaltare and Santosh Sanpalya. Immersing in art in a public space is different from the gallery experience, and opens the mind to broader interpretations and for a larger audience as well.

Across the road, the Indian Cartoon Gallery offers other kinds of creative perspectives – this time from cartoonist Satish Acharya. He pokes fun at Indian politicians and so-called holy men, and pays tribute to the late great cartoon legend R.K. Laxman (see some of his quotes in this YourStory compilation), as well as the slain cartoonists of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

“Creativity takes courage,” in the words of painter Henri Matisse, and artists as well as entrepreneurs are courageous and creative people in their own ways. So open your eyes to more creativity this weekend, and make art and humour a part of your everyday life as an innovator!

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