Pursuit of APPiness: Tailor, Instant and Frontback


[The app world is very noisy! There are a bunch of apps being developed everyday and we carry a weekly App Fridays column to review the best of what is coming from India but even these are pretty early stage. This new series will feature impressive apps, from around the world that are stable and have impressed us by their use case, UI or UX. Check out bunch of apps featured on Pursuit of APPiness]

Tailor, an app built by Foundry_63, allows users to stitch multiple screenshots into a single image, which can be easily saved and shared online. No more meddling with Photoshop to stitch smartphone screenshots manually. Tailor automatically detects pictures captured consecutively and creates one long, seamless image. You can use it to stitch a conversation from Whatsapp, or, a complete tweetstorm. Tailor especially comes in handy when you’re travelling to new places and need to save several itineraries. Similar solutions like “Stitch It” are also available online, but what makes Tailor unique is its ease of use and user-friendly UI & UX that allows quick stitching. So, you can now go ahead and enjoy capturing long screenshots with your smartphone.

Url: http://www.trytailor.com/

Check out the app: iOS

*Android coming soon.

Instant is a quantified self and life-logging app that automatically tracks daily usage of your devices. It works in the background tracking the time users spend on their device and apps every day, distances they walk or travel and the number of times they unlock their phones. Users can also set reminders and restrict themselves to a daily limit. The UI is designed with Google’s Material Design. It works on the same principle as fitness trackers by giving users access to comprehensive history, graphs, a widget and notifications. The app can be integrated with Google Fit to track users’ fitness and travel times.

Instant was developed by Emberify, a startup working on consumer-based analytic technology. Shashwat Pradhan, the founder, aims to use contextual information to create a more relevant mobile experience for users and promote a balanced lifestyle. For those who’re interested in monitoring their data on a daily basis to avoid developing unhealthy smartphone habits this is a useful app.

Url: http://emberify.com

Check out the app: Android

*iOS coming soon.

Frontback uses the front and back camera of your smartphone to capture your best moments, giving you an ability to see through different vantage points. First, it lets you capture a picture in the direction you are facing, then focus flips 180 degrees to the front-facing camera for a selfie. People behind the camera expression adds context to the first photo taken. What we like about Frontback is it uses the under-utilised front-facing camera that other photo-sharing apps ignore. It is a delightful way to tell a story with photos. Frontback has a fantastic community of more than one million users who love being creative or simply love sharing their daily life through photos. After capturing a photo, the app allows you to write short captions, tag friends or add hashtags.

Url: http://www.frontback.me/

Check out the app: iOS & Android

Bonus: Since the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is starting today with the much-awaited India versus Pakistan match, we’d like you to give Hike a try. Hike and CricBuzz have joined hands to kill two birds with one stone: The app allow users to avail score updates, news and analysis curated by CricBuzz.

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