[Awesome Startup Employee] ‘We need to put a shark in our tank and see how far we can really go!' Richa Singh of EduKart


"I stay true to myself and my style, and I’m always pushing myself to be aware of that and be original," says Richa Singh, the Awesome Startup Employee from EduKart.

She was nominated by Ishan Gupta, the CEO of EduKart. According to Ishan, “There are super heroes in every organisation who work behind the scenes and make things happen! Richa is one of them.”

Based out of Delhi, EduKart is an online self-paced learning portal that helps students get degrees through online programs in MBA, MCA, BBA and certificate courses in areas of retail, finance, digital marketing, programming languages and project management.

Richa is currently handling marketing and alliances for EduKart and enjoying every bit of it. This is not the only hat she has donned at EduKart. Be it operations, alliances or marketing, she has done it all in the last two years she’s been with this company.

Though Richa has worked with companies like Haymarket Media and IndiaMART, this is her first stint at a startup, and she says, “It has helped me discover new skills through new opportunities!”

Richa came across EduKart while planning to leverage her skills and take up challenges in a new role. She liked their concept and applied immediately. After two rounds of rigorous interactions, she was on board.

At EduKart

Richa is good at what she does, and Ishan gives us a deeper insight into her as an employee. “We always look for team members who possess a deep sense of ownership towards their work, have the ability to accept varied job responsibilities and have the flexibility to adapt to different situations. Richa is a great mix of all. She not only takes complete ownership of her department, but also helps the people around her to grow through her inclusive leadership style. Her ability to quickly adapt to the dynamic environment makes her stand apart from other employees.”

According to Ishan, one of the most amazing qualities Richa has is the way she transforms challenges into opportunities and converts them into meaningful outcomes.

Richa hails from Dehradun, Uttarakhad. She did her schooling from there and went on to pursue her Bachelors in Commerce (Hons) from Panjab University, followed by an MBA from Amity Business School, Noida.

Everyday is a new day

For Richa, every day is a new day at EduKart and that keeps her going. She says, “Richa Singh of 2015 is extremely well placed and confident than Richa Singh of 2013! Being a startup organisation, we focus on taking on new assignments, expanding ourselves and exploring untapped areas.”

Richa stays unfazed by challenges and looks at it as a way of keeping active, alive and energised. She adds, “We all have within us the skills and abilities to create a difference. We need to 'put a shark in our tank and see how far we can really go!'”

Joining EduKart has been one of the most defining moments of her life. The past two years have been a joy ride for her. She says, “While you’re having fun, the time on 'Big Round Clock' hanging on the office wall doesn't matter!”


Richa speaks with great affection about her team. “Whenever we as a team perform and succeed, it becomes a moment to cherish. We try, we learn, we fail and this is how we succeed.”

Ishan shares that recently when Richa transitioned from the operations department to the marketing department, he realised the amount of responsibility Richa had taken upon herself over the last two years and the depth of the work she had done was amazing. “She never let anyone feel that she was doing all of the work by herself with limited resources. She is now considered an honorary member of the Operations team!”

Her message to the team is - "Strive for excellence in whatever you do"

When asked how Richa resonates the culture of EduKart, Ishan shared, “At EduKart, we try to build a strong culture of ownership with an emphasis on 'Build it for Yourself'. It means that you do what you are doing for yourself and your career, because one day you will look and say ‘I built this!’ Richa imbibes these values very well! She continues to be a top performer at the company and has been the winner of 'EduKarter of the Year' award in 2014.”

Working at startups

“It’s a place where one learns, performs and thus achieves.”

Startup is the best place to work when you’re driven by the ambition to conquer the world and excel at all you do, according to her. “There are endless opportunities in startups. On paper we’ve designated a position, but at the end, the role doesn't really matter. You get skilled in multiple job responsibilities- you strategise, manage, operate and collaborate.”


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