Selling in Emerging Markets - [YS Workshop]


Be it a consumer focused gaming or social engagement app or a business focused SaaS offering, the growth and penetration of Internet and Mobile across the globe has opened up a lot of new opportunities in the emerging markets for the new and upcoming startups (and established businesses) to leverage and build a scalable business globally, but its not an easy task.

Emerging markets can be a fertile ground for new sales growth, but each market has its own unique hurdles. To break into emerging markets and capture the potential, the best sales persons have realized that they have to bring in different perspective, thinking and approach and more importantly think like a local.

To share a story - a sales head of a multinational shoe manufacturer dispatched two of his best salesmen to one of the rural countries in Africa to convert it into a new sales territory. After scouting for a few days, the first salesman called the sales head and said, “I’m returning - as everybody goes barefoot here. We can’t sell shoes.” Meanwhile, the second salesman called with eagerness and said, “Nobody wears shoes here. We can start a new category - the prospects are unlimited!”

So, what are the tips and tricks of selling in these emerging markets and succeeding in creating a profitable revenue channels. Learn from an expert who has done it all at InMobi - Ankit Rawal. Ankit heads Ad Sales for APAC at InMobi. 

Ankit has built an expertise in converting white spaces to sustainable revenue models across several geographies. He has been part of the InMobi team from the early funding days, and set up InMobi Africa. Built an agency team for InMobi India and now leads Inside & Online Sales for APAC & Japan. He has built and managed cross-cultural teams across India, SEA, China , Korea and African countries, and has built a good understanding of the overall mobile Ad market across Europe, the US & LATAM. Prior to mobile advertising, he was a developer working at Microsoft and Oracle and did a short sales stint at SAP.When: Friday, 17th April 2015 | 6:00 - 8:00pm (updated)

Where: YourStory office, Bangalore (Address and Direction)

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