These 23 tweeters will keep you plugged into the startup ecosystem. Follow ‘em now!


If you are a newbie startup geek, you might not know where to go to fulfill your thirst for startup updates. This post might help you get a bit of a head start. So go ahead, login to your Twitter account and start following the suggested tweeters to stay inspired.

  1. Elon Musk (@elonmusk) – If you are bored and have run out of startup ideas, Elon will give you as many as you want.
  2. Paul Graham (@paulg) – The Founder of Y Combinator tweets about every interesting startup he comes across.
  3. Sam Altman (@sama) – He takes care of Y Combinator now. His tweets on startup gyaan come usually in the form of one-liners.
  4. Marc Andreessen (@pmarca) – Former entrepreneur and co-founder of the Internet browser Netscape, Marc heads a fund called Andreessen Horowitz. His tweets are funny, sarcastic, and yet informative.
  5. Om Malik (@om) – The blogger-cum-technology writer is the founder of the well-known GigaOM blog. His tweets are newsy and informative.
  6. Dave McClure (@davemcclure) – The founder of the Accelerator 500 Startups prefers to tweet about startup news.
  7. Benedict Evans (@benedictevans) – This serial entrepreneur and partner at Andreessen Horowitz loves giving insights on twitter. His tweets are filled with charts and stats.
  8. Aaron Levie (@levie) – The founder of Box usually tweets about technology and geeky stuff like software updates, UI/UX etc.
  9. Brad Feld (@bfeld) – He is a Colorado-based VC at Foundry Group. He tweets about anything to do with technology.
  10. Jack Dorsey (@jack) – Co-founder of Twitter and Square, Jack tweets about startups, San Francisco, and other fun events in the Valley.
  11. Mark Cuban (@mcuban) – He is a serial entrepreneur, owns the NBA Dallas Mavericks basketball team, and is well-known for his “shark investor” role in the popular TV series Shark Tank. His tweets are not just startup-related, but also have a dose of sports.
  12. Paul Singh (@paulsingh) – This founder and angel investor tweets about an array of topics including startups, politics, and innovation.
  13. Anil Dash (@anildash) – The founder of ThinkUp and Activate, both social media/analytics startups, goes for light and funny tweets.
  14. Vivek Wadhwa (@wadhwa) – He was an entrepreneur but now lectures at universities across the USA. He loves innovations and tweets about the ones that interest him.
  15. Vinod Khosla (@vkhosla) – He is the founder of Khosla Labs, which incubates high quality futuristic startups. He voices his opinions candidly.
  16. Hiten Shah (@hnshah) – This California-based serial entrepreneur’s tweets are fun and multimedia rich. He is always available for a tweet chat.
  17. Mukund Mohan (@mukund) – He runs the show for Microsoft Ventures. Based in Seattle, he is a great source of startup knowledge.
  18. Zishaan Hayath(@zishaan) – The Founder of, also runs the Mumbai-based investment fund Powai Lake Ventures. He knows everyone in the ecosystem and is an amazing person to follow.
  19. Rajan Anandan (@rajananandan) – The managing director of Google India, is an independent investor too. His tweets are interesting startup-related articles from across various media platforms.
  20. Naval Ravikant (@naval) – He is the founder of AngelList. And can keep you abreast of startup funding across his platform (which is extensive!).
  21. Anand Lunia (@anandlunia) – He takes care of the fund India Quotient, and believes in the empowerment of entrepreneurs. He mainly retweets cool ecosystem facts.
  22. Rehan Yar Khan (@rehanyarkhan) – The managing partner of Orios Venture tweets about interesting startup stuff.
  23. Vijay Anand (@vijayanands) – He runs The Startup Center in Chennai. If you want brutal honesty, he can keep you posted about the controversies in the ecosystem.


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