Vacancy unlimited in the talent hiring space, TalentPad joins the race


TalentPad is a New Delhi-based online recruitment platform that connects talent with employers in the technology/internet/analytics space. TalentPad was co-founded in 2014 by IIT and IIM alumnus, Mayank Jain, Nikhil Vij and Raghav Jain. It aims to solve two fundamental challenges in the recruitment space -- to source premium candidates and source them fast.

TalentPad aims to disrupt the premium hiring market by leveraging the unique advantages of a transparent, many-to-many platform. Basically, instead of a premium candidate running after companies one by one through inefficient and multiple channels like job-boards, career sites and headhunters, TalentPad creates a platform for them to showcase themselves to hundreds of employers (across segments and geographies) at once, and letting potential employers make the first move, resulting in better role/compensation for the candidate.

The high point is that the process is executed within a week’s time. For employers, TalentPad is a platform to zero in on curated and active candidates in a short span of time. It also brings in efficiencies in the process chain by leveraging technology.

The core team

Prior to founding TalentPad, CEO Mayank Jain, an IIT Delhi and IIM Ahmedabad alumni, had varied domain experience in marketing, analytics, CRM, operations and business planning. CTO Nikhil Vij, a Computer Science graduate from IIT Bombay, worked at Google before he co-founded TalentPad. COO Raghav Jain is a graduate from IIT BHU. He previously worked at JP Morgan and Deloitte.

Motivation behind TalentPad

The founders believe that in an evolving recruitment landscape a new wave of startups and tech companies making their entry into India has thrown open specialized roles. On the other hand, there is a pool of talented job aspirants who do not have access to these jobs, creating a huge demand-supply gap in the tech industry.

The traditional hiring marketplace involves a lengthy, time consuming process, proving to be a barrier to economic progress. It also lacks transparency and efficiency in matching the right skills with job requirements. With more than three lakh emerging job opportunities in the tech sector, connecting employers with the right tech talent is crucial.

The recruitment scenario in India is undergoing a transformation with the demand for tech talent increasing and diversifying over a period of time. While organizations are on the lookout for niche tech talent, young job aspirants are seeking more avenues to land these dynamic roles. The gap between demand and supply of talent creates the need for a business model which brings together the best of recruiters and candidates in the technology space on a single platform. Unfortunately, existing recruitment models follow conventional hiring methods and do not cater to the increasing complexity of the marketplace. Hence, the founders claim TalentPad was conceptualized to connect premium employers with the right tech talent.

Others in this sector

The online job recruitment space has many players. New and upcoming startups are giving the old recruitment platforms such as Naukri, Monster, Jobsahead and Shine, a run for their money. Mumbai-based is a recruitment platform that is creating a digital identity for entry level and mid-level jobs in the country.

In addition to this, there is a Gurgaon-based referral hiring solutions startup GrownOut and a New Delhi-based referral recruitment portal, which are operational in this space. Hyderabad-based Wisdom Jobs has a unique online test feature integrated in their online recruitment model. Bangalore-based boasts of efficient technology based recruitment.

“TalentPad is a curated platform connecting the best of employers and talent. Unlike other startups in this space which only empowers the recruiters, our model is based on empowering the job seekers as well by giving them access to premium employers and job offers and letting them decide which companies to interview for. It creates a level playing field for companies and job seekers across organizations and geographies,” says CEO Mayank Jain.

TalentPad Founders (L-R - Nikhil Vij, Raghav Jain and Mayank Jain)

Current endeavors and future plans

At present, 200+ companies are actively using the TalentPad platform to hire talent in their tech and product teams. These companies are mostly tech startups across categories like B2B, SaaS, e-commerce, online media, online education and online healthcare. Some of the well known brands include Snapdeal, Zomato, InMobi, Myntra, Housing and Ola Cabs.

A research by the TalentPad team reveals that the candidates employed through TalentPad are far more satisfied with aspects like their remuneration, job profiles and work culture and similarly, hiring organizations have also expressed satisfaction in hiring employees who meet the exact job criteria.

TalentPad plans to cater to more roles like sales and business development in the future. It also plans to expand its reach to newer geographies, apart from trying to increase the frequency of auctions in the future. After raising a seed round from Helion Ventures last year, TalentPad is spending aggressively on growth and is expecting to raise a huge Series A round sometime in the second half of this year. They are rapidly looking to increase their team size.

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