Committed to change healthcare sector with technology, 4 friends across the globe start Zywie in India


Passion for the startup scene brought together four friends in three different cities of the world to form Zywie Technologies -- an end to end healthcare solution. Steve Khod in New York, Anuj Dasgupta in Paris, Shailendra Mathur and Zohaib Tanwir in Pune are friends who share many interests, two of which are strikingly common -- love for technology and the thirst to do something out of the ordinary.

It took one awesome idea for them to get convinced enough to quit their secure IT jobs and take a plunge in the startup scene. Formed in 2014, Zywie Technologies is aimed at creating a new healthcare ecosystem that will benefit hospitals, doctors, pharmacists, patients and their families alike.

Shailendra, the man behind the idea, says, “While thinking of potential ideas, it occurred to me that while IT has brought about a quantum change in the finance, travel, retail and a host of other industries but healthcare industry, which happens to be the most vital sector, has perhaps been largely untouched by IT. It made business sense as well as social sense to develop IT solutions for healthcare.”
It didn’t take others too long to get involved with the idea. Anuj, the architect and UI designer of Zywie, says, “I had seen my father pass away in early 2013 after battling with cancer for more than seven years, and having witnessed how messy the healthcare industry was, it was pretty obvious to me that I wanted to take my skills in IT to healthcare. So when Shailendra pitched the idea I was immediately on board with a dream and a goal to pave the way for better healthcare.”

Some of the interesting features scheduled for Zywie’s debut release include:

  • Allowing receptionists to schedule and manage appointments for multiple doctors
  • Enabling patients to get automated reminders for appointments and for medications
  • Digitizing patients’ health records and allowing doctors to view past health records of patients, so as to provide more informed and holistic treatment
  • Facilitating labs to upload test reports on Zywie, so that they can be viewed by patients as well as physicians

However, keeping in mind the rapid advancement in the Internet of Things they plan to explore intersection of IT and healthcare in a revolutionary way. The standard technologies that are currently available in the market do not take into account the possibility of inter-device communication. It won’t be too long before Zywie affiliated hospitals will be equipped to handle critical cases with minimal manual intervention.

Zohaib, the primary developer, says, “At Zywie, I can design beautiful software with wide scope for societal transformation. I can be part of a revolution that can make healthcare affordable, accessible and consistent. These factors compelled me to join Zywie.”
At the outset, Zohaib, Shailendra and Anuj began to give shape to their dream project along with holding their jobs because it didn’t seem like a viable option to quit working. They worked on the requirement gathering and high level design phase in their spare time and on the weekends. That’s when Steve, then partner in a flourishing diamond business, came on board with the initial investment. This gave them the much needed impetus to quit their jobs and work on Zywie fulltime.

Steve, who manages sales, adds, “After two years in a family run diamond business, I felt like it was time to move on and find a new project, a new passion. My interest in Zywie flourished as soon as the idea was introduced to me by Anuj. Having IT background in a large scale enterprise applications I felt inspired to join this venture and make a personal contribution.”

With a vision that entails creating a healthcare platform that reduces manual labor through smart use of technology, the startup allows healthcare providers to move away from repetitive tasks, and brings a high degree of consistency to healthcare standards at an affordable cost. Zywie is destined to be an agent of change for the healthcare industry.


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