A World Alike: A social platform for eligible singles to meet and greet like-minded people


We live in a disconnected world with communications becoming more digitally driven. Social circles and groups are relatively smaller and closed. People have lesser time for personal one-to-one interactions, which has given rise to several organisations that help connect people. Especially, unattached young single adults, who are looking more into the online world to meet and connect with like-minded individuals.

However, today there are several websites that focus on connecting single individuals. Whether these are dating sites like TrulyMadly or Aisle.co. The space of online dating and connecting with new like-minded individuals. In fact they are getting mainstream acceptance. But A World Alike claims to be different.

A World Alike (AWA) was established in November 2014 by Himanshu Gupta to bridge this gap. Thus people can come together and build their social circles, move out of their comfort zone, and grow as individuals, at different events. It is an invitation-only network for single well-educated individuals who share similar interests and passions.

In the western world, meeting new people is easier, whether you are in the city or from a different place, online and offline meet ups are common. In India, the idea is still in its nascent stages, there are several informal travel and other industry specific meet ups. These, nevertheless don't match the global connects and meet ups.

Devina Badhwar and Himanshu Gupta

How does this exclusive space work?

Every month personal events are organised by AWA, which in turn gives the members opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals in a comfortable space. A World Alike was founded with the sole aim in mind - to expand peoples’ network and provide a platform where individuals can meet other like-minded and interesting people they never knew existed in their city.

Individuals begin with applying for membership on the website by filling in an application. After a short discussion, the individuals are then invited to one of the events. Once you receive a formal invitation of membership, you can select a membership plan of your choice and make a payment online. The membership plan for three months is Rs.7500/-, for six months is Rs.12,000 and 12 months is Rs.15000.

Himanshu had founded A World Alike after his 12-year stint abroad. When he came back to India, he realised that it was very difficult to meet new people and make friends. This, in turn, inspired him to start AWA.

For the first few months after the conceptualisation, the team worked on getting their technology platform, branding and communication, and creating a database of eligible singles within their social and work networks. Since the launch, the team has hosted more than a dozen events which over 150 people having attended. Himanshu says: “We have a database of almost 100 people who are keen to join the network. We are currently hosting two events each month, with plans to increase the number of events.”

One of the biggest challenges the team faced is getting people to trust a new network. Himanshu adds: “Over time, we've become more aware of our members' needs, preferences, and their mindset. We have incorporated a feedback process and better communicate the thought process of our brand to our friends and members.”

Not just dating and matrimony

While most of the online world is dedicated to singles who are looking to date or marry, AWA is more about connecting like-minded individuals. Himanshu says: “Wanting to meet new like-minded people can befit different things, whether it’s just for expanding your friends circle, or networking for work or even finding that special someone. Our core agenda is to be the preferred lifestyle network for people to develop their social circles, move out of their comfort zone and grow as individuals.”

The long term agenda the team has in mind is to provide individuals with discreet, exclusive and pressure-free environment to meet similar, like-minded individuals.

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The team plans to stay in NCR for the next few months, and become the only lifestyle network for their target group in New Delhi. They are also investing heavily in technology architecture and mobile application, which will allow our members to fully explore and engage with other members with similar interests and tastes as their own. During the second half of this year, they plan to launch in Mumbai and in 2016, they plan to launch in one of the international cities.

“Our long-term vision is to become an international global network of well-educated singles who have access to a curated network in some of the major cities across the world, regardless of their location, work and personal travels,” concludes Himanshu.