‘Being original will make you an inspiration for many’ – 45 quotes from Indian startup journeys


From career growth to governance standards, witness the memorable journey of Indian entrepreneurship in these excerpts and stories! StoryBites is a weekly feature from YourStory, featuring notable quotable quotes in our articles of this past week (see the previous post here). Share these 45 gems and insights from the week of May 10 – May 16 with your colleagues and networks, and check back to the original articles for more insights!

Leave the world in a better place than you found it.

– Vanita Shastri, Ashoka University

Corruption must be treated as treason against the nation.


Let’s make a change today. We need to change ourselves instead of discussing the never-ending problems- just start working towards finding a solution.

- Jai Mishra, Teach for India

Nobody can usher in a difference as passionately and zealously as young people.

- Kumar Abhishek, Khelo India

College away from your hometown means discovering a place very unlike what you’ve known half your life, especially if you are in India.

- Aamir Hussain, The WTF Times

Entrepreneurs sometimes are technically strong but lack skills to handle the business aspect of their ventures.

- Sanchit Waray, StartEZ

The medical sector will see applications of drones in case of medical emergencies.

- Apurva Godbole, Drona Aviation

Technology is going to play a key role in helping an enterprise scale.

- Kavita Rajagopalan, Villgro

Any journey to fitness starts with nutrition.

Gul Panag, MobieFit

By the year 2030 there would be an estimated 80 million diabetics in the country.

– Jamal Ahmad, Rajiv Gandhi Centre

We are looking to service the daily laundry requirements of middle class Indian consumers which is currently being addressed by a maid servant or by self-wash.

- Balachandar R, Wassup

The Indian leisure travel segment possibly is one of the largest growing tourism segments in the world after China.

- Hari Nair, HolidayIQ

There is an increasing demand for handcuffs, edible lingerie, fun products and role play costumes.

- Samir, That’s Personal

Mobile technology will change the way car owners contact the nearest car mechanic in India.

- Rakesh Sidana, MeriCAR.com

The top 30 B2B software product companies in India are worth 6 billion dollars and employ nearly 20,000 people.


Interior design industry is a $32 billion market and home renovation is an $11 billion market.

- Ajesh Joy, Ghar360

It’s not difficult to guess why the test prep sector is one of the fastest growing segments in India’s education industry.

- Nitesh Salvi, Plancess

Getting the restaurant technology right was harder than cracking IIT JEE.

- Ritesh Dwivedy, Just Eat

Technology has been life changing and if not for internet then we would have suffered.

- Zainab Pipermintwala

We are learning by making mistakes, there is not much scope for copying because we are the innovators generation. Hence it is all trial and error.

- Vishal Gondhal, GOQii

There were no salary discussions, no equity negotiations – just a promise to do cool projects in Linux.

- Amit Bhor, Walnut

If you don’t know how to do it, there’s nothing more fun than trying it and finding it out yourself.

- Gulshan Iyer, Gullu’s Kitchen

Sandy beaches quietly disappearing under our noses are not made a note of.

- Shekar Dattatri, conservation filmmaker

The average age of girls disappearing into sexual exploitation is between 9 and 12 years in India.

- Leena Kejriwal, ‘Missing’ art project

If you have an idea, believe in it. Remember, no guts, no glory.

- Rashmi Vaswani, Rage Chocolatier

Disability is only in the mind.

- N S Hema, APD

I hope to see more and more boys and girls from our stables knocking the doors of the national team.

- K Arumugam, One Thousand Hockey Legs

We remain proud of our campaigns for clean air, water and affordable energy, and refuse to be intimidated by such dirty tricks.

- Samit Aich, Greenpeace India

The question isn’t, ‘What do we want to know about people?, It’s, ‘What do people want to tell about themselves?’

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

Skilling up India’s youth will take a combination of partnerships with leading organisations and the use of the newest education technologies.

- Karl Mehta, EdCast

The single most important determinant of success is your ability to surround yourself with capable team members, advisors and mentors.

- Dr. V. Premnath and Soma Chattopadhyay, Venture Centre

Innovation is about having the guts to own a burning problem.

Akshay Cherian, MetaResults

The secret to low attrition is growth.

- Shashank ND, Practo

Imagine how it feels to face failure within two days of the launch!

- Anirudh Garg, Maalgaadi

The thrill of exploring and building your career at a startup is unmatched.

- Punyaslok Rath

Powai is amazing and filled with energy on every front — entrepreneurs, investors and core team members.

- Abhinav Agarwal, DoorMint

To stay humble, grateful and positive is a good way of ensuring good luck continues.

- Ravi Venkatesan, Social Venture Partners India

There is no dearth of love when it comes to taking care of elderly parents or grandparents.

- Sanjay Dattatri, Old and Gold

Having a brand name registered that is consistent with the business strategy will help your business scale heights.

- Agam Gupta, Quickcompany.in

Customer success isn’t about focussing on retention a month before the contract expires.

- David Skok, Matrix Partners

We will continue our efforts to keep both the web and the app environment for our users.

- Subramanya Sharma, ClearTrip

While going the route of a mobile-only product may seem like a bold step, it doesn’t mean capturing less market.

- Rahul Varshneya, Arkenea

85% of my equity has vested and I’m not leaving!

- Rahul Yadav, Housing

Being original will make you an inspiration for many.

- Rohit Soni, artist

If you obey all the rules, you’ll miss all the fun.

David Shing, AOL

As long as we are aware of our goal, the question of obstacles becomes dormant.

– Richa, standup comedian

Entrepreneurship is about getting your hands dirty, all the time

— Shagun Sharma, Hedonista

Design is a source and a result.

- Pallavi Foley, Pallavi Foley Boutique Jewels


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