- a product delivery platform that uses artificial intelligence to recommend the best phones


Hyderabad-based ENIXTA Innovations, an artificial intelligence startup, today launched '', a product delivery platform that uses artificial intelligence to recommend the best phones.

"Our first product '' is a website that helps make the right buying decisions. The website provides an indepth product discovery, exploration and price comparison," ENIXTA Innovations CEO and Founder Giri Devanathan told reporters here.

"What sets '' apart is its personalised search method and artificial intelligence algorithms. Currently, we are only in mobile phones category, but in the near future we will expand into tablets, laptops, cameras and cars also", Giri said.

"We have created an artificial intelligence engine that reads more than a million reviews, and automatically extracts meaning from these reviews to recommend the right phone," he said.

"Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next major phenomenon in computing and smart agents taking decisions on behalf of consumers will become common place," Giri said. "Affiliate commissions will be our revenue model," he said in reply to a query.

"Whenever, a user clicks on 'buy' from our website and goes to a retailer website and buys a product we get a commission for referring the user," Giri said, adding "Our focus area right now is India, and we will expand to other geographies in future."

Source : PTI

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