Innovation means fun and drone wars at the Mu Sigma I&D Lab


Innovation is once again a top priority of organizations, now that many have awakened to its potential to drive growth and prevent stagnation. Mu Sigma, a forerunner in big data analytics and decision sciences, has its own unique views on the role of innovation. According to founder, Dhiraj C Rajaram,

Innovation in business is chance. And the more trial and error we experiment with, the better our odds of truly innovating.

So the company put its money where its mouth is, by investing in its own Innovation and Development Lab in Bangalore. Check out this video of Zubin Dowlaty, Head of Innovation and Development at Mu Sigma, to see what his lab is working on.

Video editing by Anjali Achal

Videography by Rukmangada Raja

Written by Sharika Nair 


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