Nudgespot raises $650,000 from Kae Capital and angel investors


Nudgespot is a platform that enables proactive and simple communication between businesses and their customers. The startup has raised seed funding of $650,000 from Kae Capital and angel investors including Anoop Goyal, Mike Shah and V.A. Sastry. The capital infused will be allocated towards product and marketing innovation as well as team expansion in India and USA.

Nudgespot was founded in May 2014 by Raveen Sastry (ex-Myntra and Hoopos) and three other co-founders, Anubhav Sudha, Suresh Harikrishnan and Alok Shankar. The product allows companies to automate or broadcast targeted messages to customers based on their behavior. Beta version of Nudgespot was launched in November 2014 and currently, the company has presence in both Bengaluru and New York. Brands such as Ola, Zivame, Bluestone, Toppr and over 40 other companies worldwide use Nudgespot to communicate with their customers.

Nudgespot Co-Founder, Raveen Sastry said, “We are witnessing an excellent response to Nudgespot. Within a short span since launching, we have managed to add some very reputed brands to our client repertoire thanks to the simplicity and sophistication of our platform. Going forward, we aim to invest the freshly-raised funds towards making the Nudgespot even more intuitive.” The company is looking at expanding the team from the current strength of 8 to about 15 by the end of 2015. The investment will help us hire the right talent in India as well as USA.

Sasha Mirchandani, founder and MD of Kae Capital said, “Nudgespot has been aiding marketers, customer success teams, engineering and product development teams to easily access the most relevant customer information and act on it with speed. It has a unique way of approaching the gaps that exist in available marketing and analytical tools through intelligent business communication that is capable of offering businesses a holistic view of how their customers view them. We see immense potential in Nudgespot and are certain of the growth trajectory it is likely to witness in the next few months.”

Here's an explainer video for Nudgespot:

The company is targeting a revenue of INR 10 crores at the end of the current financial year as it onboards more paying customers. Here is the pricing plan Nudgespot operates on currently (how Indian SaaS companies price their products) :

Global enterprise companies are being built at a rapid pace from India (here is a list of 30+ such companies) and this Bangalore-New York based company already seems to be on a path to take big leaps in the future.

Website: Nudgespot


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