Pro Waste is rethinking waste management in Bengaluru, 'Waste is not to be thrown, it has to be given'


Behind every piece of garbage there is a person. This might not sound very romantic, but everybody would agree that’s the case. The popular belief that follows is that if people change their attitude and consume more mindfully, they would produce less waste. Yet the logic that individual efforts would not make any difference still prevails.

Nupur Tandon, Founder of the Bengaluru-based waste management company Pro Waste, has zeroed it on the issue at a very local level and thought that if the problem is setting precedents to show how bottom up efforts matter, bulk generators are the places to start. The idea is to recycle 100 per cent of the waste these centres produce, in order to eliminate the amount of waste that goes to the landfill.

Nupur says, “Pro waste was founded with a mission to change people’s habit of throwing waste, and instead segregating it and giving it to recycling centres. It is beyond just providing services; we aim at working at the ground level with the people. We stress on awareness, training, and efficient process until final disposal of all categories of waste and using correct technology.”

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