‘Dreams do come true’ – 55 quotes from Indian startup journeys


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We have great talent working at some of our best companies – absolutely!

Ravi Gururaj, Frictionless Ventures

You need to run with your idea. We don’t have the luxury of sitting down and examining the idea extensively.

- Vasudeva Varma, IIIT Hyderabad 

Online shopping is a lot of convenience, but it misses the social juice of the traditional shopping.

- Khaleel Pasha, Dilbole

Most portals require users to login and then provide their rating, hence missing out the opinion of a significant amount of population which doesn’t wish to login and vote.

Virendra Oswal, Buzzreel

In India, buying and selling used automobiles experience is completely broken.

- Sandeep Aggarwal, Droom

Along the way we have learnt a lot, the foremost lesson being to under promise and over deliver, that ensures that our team reaches the customer on time.

- Dhirender Nirwani, CraftGully

Climbing is possibly one of the best things you can do.

- Pemba Gyalje Sherpa

India has a lot of talent in hockey but it is not being recognised.

- Nandanoori Mukesh Kumar, ex-captain

Everyone feels scared when they are going to play a match, but there was just one thing playing on my mind – I have to win a medal.

- Mrunal Bhosale, boxing champion

Today, India has its own role model in women’s tennis it can look up to. In 125 years of the sport, Sania is the first Indian woman to accomplish this feat.

- Imran Mirza

If your actions and mind are aligned to your passion, you’ll be happy.

- Harish Krishnan, lifehacker

Creativity is a state of mind; a necessity for living life.

- Meenakshi Jha, Artologue

It is the need of the hour to manage your income and expenses so that you can make the right decisions for your financial future.

- Prashant Parikh, Faayda

I will be the first Indian to complete cycling to all districts of an Indian state. In this case, it’s 32 districts of Tamil Nadu.

- Kamal Haz

Less the friction/time lag between discovery and delivery stage, more are the chances of transaction getting done.

- Nihar Ranjan, advisor

Never ever compete on prices, instead compete on services and innovation.

Jack Ma, Alibaba

How long will your advantage of exclusive offers last before the competition does the same?

TiE Bangalore e-commerce panel

We have always thought of price as just one of the attributes for comparison.

- Sai Gaddam, Makkhichoose

I believe that retail is at an inflection point and the next five years will see a retail revolution.

- Danish Ahmad, Shopsity

The revolution lies in how the bulwark of traditional brick and mortar F&B is quite literally being torn down.

- Alok Jain, Yumist

It is important that an enabling ecosystem is built for channelling more investments into agri ventures.

- Vijay Nadiminti, NAARM

Carpooling is a natural fit to Indian environment.

- Lakshna Jha, sRide

Scaling is the most difficult part for any startup.

- Pranil Bafna, IndiaReads

Grow like someone else is snatching it away from you.

- Ashwin Ramasamy, ContractIQ

Under any circumstances, Results alone can never be enough to judge or decide if someone has been competent on their job or not.

Jay, sumHR

Wearable devices, tagged for long as the “next big thing” has truly arrived and in a big way.

- KrishKupathil, Mobiliya

Focus on burning, must-have needs of customers, and not nice-to-have features.

- PR Ganapathy, Villgro

Running a startup is like raising a child. While it is important that it grows, founders also have to take measures to ensure that they value and protect what they create!

- Dhruv Suri, Victus

While having a founders’ agreement drafted may seem like you’re getting ahead of yourself while working out of your bedroom, it’s best to get this done before success and money complicate matters.

- Hrishikesh Datar, vakilsearch

We believe that India’s preventive healthcare needs transformational technologies.

- Rahul Sharma, Micromax

The future of agriculture lies in bringing digital services to the farm as agriculture is increasingly becoming more and more knowledge intensive.

- Raghav Chandra, Ministry of Agriculture

Any everyday occurrence can spark an interest in science.

- Society for Science and the Public

I hope to reach 500 million people by the end of the next couple of years because I know there is no way a Flipkart or an Amazon can reach the interiors like we can.

Sridhar Gundaiah, StoreKing

Technology is going to take gaming to places it’s never been.

- Joonim (Chris) Lee, Funizen

Customer ‘appiness’ is quite underrated

- Laxman Papineni, AppViraly

Myntra’s move to mobile-only has little to do with mobile itself! Rather, it is a ballsy strategic gambit that Flipkart is embarking on.

- Sumanth Raghavendra, Deck App Technologies

Empathy gives a salesperson an ability to be flexible in her or his manner with the client without having to refer to a textbook.

- Manika Premsingh, Orbis Economics

There is a difference between connection and conversation.

- Radha Giri, Midas Touch Consultants

There can be no tourism that has zero footprint.

- Behzad Larry, Voygr

We had a very modest, frugal living but it was very inspiring to grow up in that atmosphere.

- Shukla Bose, Parikrma Humanity Foundation

I was extremely proud when I received my first pay cheque of Rs. 6,000 in 1996. Back then, I felt it was a lot of money.

- Srividhya Srinivasan, Amagi

Organisations are microcosms of society.

- Kalpana Tatavarti, Interweave Consulting

The entire culture of a company comes from the top down. 

- James Altucher

For women, technology is a gift, which has come at just the right time.

- Vijay Haldiya, Zayka Ka Tadka

We are thinkers, entrepreneurs, achievers, mentors and are also socially responsible.

- Jijo Olassa, Verbat

The better off you are, the more responsibility you have for helping others.

Carlos Slim, Grupo Carso

We need a thinking middle class that will understand the need to support causes on a larger scale.

- Rukmini Rao, activist

A green city is the smartest city I can think of!

- Harini Nagendra, Azim Premji University

India has the dubious distinction of leading the world in road related accidents and deaths.

- Supreme Court

Dreams do come true.

- Remadevi Thottathil, India’s first woman ATC

Let your self-esteem and self-worth be of the highest standard.

- Nishita Mantry, My Life Transcript

Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster ride where one faces challenges every day.

- Indrani Mukherjee, BAMBOOZ

Anything is possible in this world, all we need is determination, courage and belief in oneself.

- Kalki Subramaniam, Kalki Organics

We want every school in the country to make experiential education and life skill training an important aspect of their curriculum.

- Swetha, Apni Shala

Teachers are generally scared of encouraging inquisitive debates, because they are scared of not having the answers.

- Shivananda Salgame, GuruG

All good work begins with people criticising you. Someone will call you corrupt. Others will call you mad. But a successful entrepreneur should never heed to these allegations and lose focus.

- Hanumanth Rao, Sweekaar

I don’t want to be a big wave; if I could just be a drop in the ocean I’ll know I’ve made a difference.

- Angeline Dias, Teach for India


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