[YSTV] FloorSpace: solving interior design online through simplicity, creativity and diligence


Since the advent of the modern age, buying a home has been the cornerstone of the Indian dream. Interiors of our homes speak volumes of our personality and attitude. People spend as much time buying a home as much as deciding on interiors.

According to Ajesh Joy of Ghar360, the construction and architecture industry is a $78 billion market growing at a rate of 14% per annum. Interior design industry is a $32 billion market and home renovation is an $11 billion market.

Floorspace is about professional interiors made easy and affordable on demand. Through its website, it offers pre-configured interior plans for thousands of home owners in the market.

YourStoryTV caught up with Sandeep Kumar, CEO and Founder of Floorspace, as he shares his journey and vision for his company.

(Video editing: Anjali V, Camera: Rukmangada Raja, Text: Aniket Dey)