Anagha Dandekar, scion of Camlin Group, creates her own brand of luxury accessories


Started in the US in 2001, Hardware Renaissance began with a serendipitous meeting, according to its founder Anagha Dandekar. "I met someone who was making beautiful hand crafted doors, but there was no hardware good enough to put on them. So came about Hardware Renaissance, which aims to create a line of exceptionally crafted luxurious accessories with fresh designs," says Anagha.

She adds that this resulted in beautiful and artistic hand-forged iron and bronze design hardware. These designs are available across 80 showrooms in the US, Bermuda and more recently in India.


Starting a new legacy

Though a scion of the Camlin Group, Anagha had always wanted to do something of her own. So when she went to the US to pursue her MBA, and came up with the idea of Hardware Renaissance, she went ahead to develop the same. "I was eager to create something of my own, coming from a family business legacy like Camlin," adds Anagha.

She says that the development of her first collection took over two years, as it had to be perfect –with authentic craftsmanship and precise engineering –"something which had not been done till then," she adds.

Hardware Renaissance ties with local dealers, architects and interior designers. Anagha adds that this has made absolute business sense and so far, all their partners have turned evangelists of their brand. While, the team does not intend to open stores across the country, they however operate from a flagship design house in Mumbai.

"Since its inception, revenues at Hardware Renaissance have grown at an average rate of 15% per year," adds Anagha.

Growth and its challenges

In the US, the brand has nationwide presence and reach. Hardware Renaissance has begun working in Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad, and is hoping to expand to other regions as well. Speaking of the challenges faced do far, Anagha says that it is difficult to find truly high quality handcrafted products in today's world of mass marketed products.

She adds that skilled labour and passionate artistry are not easy to cultivate and maintain. "But that is what energizes me. We are committed to staying true to our essence," adds Anagha.

Clientele and USP

Anagha Dandekar, Founder

The biggest USP of Hardware Renaissance, according to Anagha, is showcasing exceptional artistry. She also says that the accessories and designs from their collections are made using rich bronze material, finished by hand, and inlaid with semi-precious stones. To add that certain panache, Anagha says that the bronze range is made of high quality silicon bronze, normally used only in sculptures.

She adds that Hardware Renaissance also has a hand-forged iron range, which is completely handcrafted by master blacksmiths. "In India, this concept of luxury accessories for doors is non-existent. We’d like to believe that we are pioneers of the segment here," adds Anagha.

Anagha says that her clientele comprises people who want to give their homes a complete luxury finish. She adds that, while most people do not consider hardware when it comes to luxury refurbishing, there is now a new breed of customer, who understands the importance of luxury hardware too. "They are primarily our target," she adds.

"My goal is to make Hardware Renaissance the number one luxury hardware brand in India, and I believe we are well-positioned to achieve it. We also plan to expand into the Middle and Asia from our Mumbai base. High-end hospitality (hotels, spas) is an area we are actively growing, and we’re currently working on several luxury hotels with the top design companies in the world," says Anagha.

The home decor and luxury hardware market

According to reports, with each year, the home decor market across the globe is evaluated at close to $62.2 billion. In India, the market is poised to grow at 8 per cent in the next five years, evaluated at close to $5.3 billion. While 90 per cent of the market is said to be unorganised, the space is opening up for online players like Urban Ladder, Livspace and Fab Furnish.



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