BARTSuite: Making SMEs think big through the Cloud


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In today’s competitive markets, startups and SMEs are competing neck and neck with larger enterprises. This is all thanks to technology that has made it possible for small businesses to think big. If you have an idea, are able to execute it well, and are providing good value to customers, you can compete in the market with anyone, even the big industry leaders.

Along with business processes management and people management, investment in the regular training of employees is quite important. It goes without saying that innovation, upgrading of technology and the scaling up of business is crucial for SMEs. All of this can become difficult to manage for a growing firm. This is where large enterprises generally have an edge as they have the experience as well as better access to resources at their disposal. This is where BARTSuite comes in - to give SMEs and startups the much needed impetus and to reduce the disparities between big and the small.

BARTSuite offers an integrated suite of cloud and mobility enabled applications to empower SMEs with competencies that are usually seen in the repertoire of large enterprises. BARTSuite is able to offer this swiftly, at affordable prices, and without compromising on quality.

A member of the Microsoft BizSPARK Plus program, BARTSuite is a spinoff from AppPoint. BARTSuite was co-founded by the same AppPoint team - Venki Muthanna, Rajasekar Shanmugam, Saravanan Kailasam and Chandrasekhar Prabhakar, in January, 2015. The team has over 3 decades of prior experience in designing and developing some of the industry’s leading business solutions. Greg Fell and Sanjay Laturkar have recently joined the team, bringing in their experience and competencies to help take BARTSuite to the next level.

CEO, Venki Muthanna says, "Organisations depend on numerous tools and technologies to manage various functions, either resulting in operational inefficiency or cost prohibitive integration. BARTSuite solutions are designed in such a way that various functions are not only seamlessly integrated, but include a highly configurable middleware which allows quick integration with other tools." BARTSuite delivers a suite of business applications to SMEs on a SaaS model currently managing 3 broad functions – employee lifecycle management, professional service automation and customer lifecycle management.

In the quest to further realize this vision of providing the most competitive and easy to use products and services to SMEs, they have launched LMExcellence - a learning management system which is a service on the cloud offering, this month. LMExcellence ( enables businesses, institutes, as well as users of all age groups, interests and skill levels with a platform to learn and impart training.

The backbone of LMexcellence is the cloud platform. Venki says, "There is a lot of unpredictability in terms of the usage which makes it almost impossible to work without a public cloud. We have always used .net and a cloud platform like Microsoft Azure was the obvious choice as it offers the immense scalability that this business model demands."

LMExcellence allows organizations and trainers to manage training programs by uploading all training material into a centralized location, thus enabling employees or learners to access the learning material at anytime from anywhere with web-access.

Venki signs off by saying, "BARTSuite was established with the vision that revolves around enabling organizations to embrace a community centric, service oriented approach, to transform the way business is managed, leveraging technology such as cloud and mobility. Our service offering would be geared to complement the value our users already derive from our solutions."



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