4 big hurdles brands face in creating a credible social media presence

With more than 84% of brands carrying out social media marketing (Hub Spot report), the greatest challenge is to rise above all the clutter and establish your brand’s credibility. The effectiveness of social media marketing is highlighted by the fact that it is100 times more effective in sealing the lead-to-closure rate. Hence brands are vehemently using this channel to attain multiple business goals.

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There is no gospel for building a strong social media integrity. Brands have achieved this through trial and error techniques. In this article, I shed light on the greatest barriers faced by startups and established brands alike, while marketing on social platforms, along with the solutions to overcome the social media credibility and presence crunch.

#1. Not having enough time to manage social networks – The most widespread reason for not updating the social profiles regularly is the lack of time. In the case of startups there is too much on the plate, right from paid campaigns, to getting online leads, to looking after the SEO. Amid all this and owing to the small size of the team, often at the end of the day there is not much time for social media marketing.

Solution – The two solutions to get over this problem are:

Additional strategies to simplify the task of social media management include:

#2. Not knowing the type of content to post – This factor limits a brand’s reach.

#3. Lack of knowledge about your customer’s expectations from your brand – Not doing a reality check on what the audience wants you to share on social networks leads to failure of any result. You can get the grassroots knowledge of what your customers want to hear from you by:

#4. Not being clear about the goals that you want to achieve with social media marketing – To streamline the marketing efforts in the right direction, be clear about the goals that are to be achieved. If it’s plain marketing, channel all the posts in that direction, if it’s to create a highly engaging brand, leave no stone unturned in making it one. If you want to capture maximum leads through these networks then optimize the efforts accordingly by including the on-page signups, promoting content, blogs, posts or ebooks. and making it a hub of credibility.

The ball is in your court, test, and measure, take feedback and rework to get the best out of your attempts and establish a credible social media presence.

About the author:

Priyanka Desai – As a content and social media marketer, she helps brands create awesome content for their blogs, ebooks and guest posts, and crafts engaging campaigns. Get in touch with her on LinkedIn or drop a mail at priyanka261990@gmail.com.

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)

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