How Digital Gorkha aims to make headway in the residential and industrial security sector through its services


The world has changed. Workplace violence, residential crime, industrial espionage and global terrorism threaten the security of personnel and property. The ability to quickly differentiate between legitimate visitors and potential threats without severely impacting service levels is a crucial element of security procedures.

When facility entrances aren’t secure, residential properties and offices are vulnerable, and open to liability. At present, increased global threats make it clear that the traditional approach of simply noting down visitor information in a logbook is no longer sufficient. Using a manual log book and simple visitors tags leaves a number of issues unresolved.

Hitesh Malviya and Suraj Sunder have come up with a way to make security systems smart and efficient,and based on this, floated Digital Gorkha: a powerful and cost-effective solution for implementing visitor security policies, that closes potential security gaps and improves productivity at lobby entrances.

“The net result is unprecedentedly good security, with a quick and easy interface that facilitates professional and responsive lobby processing. Digital Gorkha is an effective way to determine visitors and staff movement, identify unwanted visitors, and ensure speedy registration, among others,” says Hitesh.

Hitesh, a JECRC, Jaipur alumnus, has over five years of entrepreneurial experience. Back in his college days he founded a venture that provides information security training and pen testing services - HCF Infosec Pvt. Ltd. After exiting HCF Infotech, Hitesh floated another startup web and mobile app development company,Sriyaan Technologies.

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Digital Gorkha streamlines the identification, authentication, registration, badging and monitoring of visitors. It is used by both residents and security guards to manage visitors better. While resident can use it to pre-register expected visitors, security guards use Digital Gorkha to register and track visitors in the facility.

Importantly, family members and staff don’t need to verify their details time and again; they can directly check in, as application pulls data from their previous check in. “There is no need to track down a visitor's host if they're away from their desk. Gorkha sends an email or text message notification when the visitor checks in,” adds Hitesh.

The Pune based company had raised $160,000 (INR 1 crore) in funding at idea level from angel investor Ramesh Kavediya of Siddhivinayak Developers in March this year. “We’re looking for another round of funding, for expansion, marketing and product development,” says Hitesh.

Digital Gorkha costs INR 1.5 lakh for a society of 100 flats. “We provide unlimited SMSs, maintenance, onsite support, and 3G Internet connection ona free SIM for two years. It’s packaged with a Lenovo Tab with a stand, training materials, video tutorials and a stable 3G Internet connection,” states Hitesh.

At present, the company is operational in 10 societies in Pune and has clientele base includes Bhojwani Homes, BK Jhala associates and Siddhivinayak Group. “We are three months old startup and will be launching Android and iPhone apps for residents. Besides townships and societies, we will be launching e-logbook solutions for offices and hotels,” reveals Hitesh.



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