'India Unlimited' to boost synergies between Indian and Swedish entrepreneurs


Seeking synergies between Swedish and Indian entrepreneurship, Indian mission in Sweden has launched 'India Unlimited' platform.

"The aim of the platform 'India Unlimited' is promoting Brand India in Sweden and Brand Sweden in India. It seeks to strengthen Indo-Swedish connections and partnerships in all areas that benefit both countries, especially economic relations and people-to-people ties," India's ambassador to Sweden Banashri Bose Harrison told PTI from Stockholm.

"Infrastructure, defence, power, information technology, innovation, travel and tourism are the key business sectors that the platform focuses on. It also seeks to share India's many unique attractions with the Swedish people such as cinema, cuisine, culture and crafts, especially those aspects which are relatively unknown here," she added.

According to PTI, the platform was at the forefront during the recent visit of President Pranab Mukherjee to the country, the first-ever visit by an Indian President to Sweden. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) from Sweden to India is pegged at USD 70 million and India exports goods worth USD 732 million while Sweden exports goods worth USD 1,679 million.

Nearly 150,000 jobs are directly created by Swedish companies present in India. The indirect numbers are much higher, including sub-contractors, farmers and service providers. A number of Indian companies have also invested in Sweden, particularly in the IT sector. In total there are more than 50 Indian companies present in Sweden.

"India has a well-established dialogue with European Union through the ASEM (Asia Europe Meeting) and Sweden is an active member of the EU. Therefore, stronger and more active India-Sweden relations can be expected to lead to closer interaction in multilateral forums including the EU as well as the United Nations," Bose added.

Image Credit : Shutterstock