Sibling rivalry is passé! A toast to sibling revelry: Kubra and Danish Sait on a roll


They are superstars in their own right. They are self made. Like a sound wave which is so integral to both, their journey has seen highs and lows, and how they have dealt with them is what makes the two special. This is the story of super siblings, award-winning MC Kubra and the hugely popular RJ Danish who have spoken their way right into our hearts.

Danish Sait is a RJ, prankster, MC, television host and an improv artist. He is widely known for his pranks called ‘Supari’ which he hosts on Fever 104 FM in Bengaluru. Danish recently turned television host with the ICC Cricket World Cup which was held in Australia and the Star Sports Kabaddi League.

His sister, Kubra is one of the top anchors in India with several live shows all over the world and was recognized for the same by the event industry in Dec 2012,and in 2013 she went on to win the title of the “Best Emcee Female” at the Live Quotient Awards, Delhi. She was also awarded the ‘Miss Personality’ title at the Miss India World Wide Pageant in Durban. Kubra made her Bollywood debut in the movie 'Ready' and is a host on the lifestyle television channel TLC.She also hosts the Star Sports Kabaddi league with Danish.

Growing up…

A broken home is never an ideal setting to grow up in. There are two ways to approach any hurdle. You can either rave and rant or face it without letting it have the better of you. Like they say, nothing beautiful ever grew in a comfortable place.

While their mother ran supermarkets, Kubra took care of Danish. "I grew up without a father but found another parent in my sister Kubra. From making sure I eat my food on time to completing my homework, didi (Kubra) was always there for me. The bond we share is special and she has been a major influence through my growing up years," says Danish.

Kubra on the other hand tells us how their relationship has evolved over the years. "From looking after him as a parent to hanging out with him and talking about anything under the sun, our relationship has come a long way. We do not feel the age gap," she says.

Miles to go before they sleep...

His journey, according to Danish, was not smooth. He says radio happened by chance and credits his cousin Nida for pushing him towards the opportunity. “I started out in Bahrain and had no clue what to do as a radio presenter. Initially, I would try and be funny with an effort. It took me years to come into my own.Danish created the famous ‘Supari’ while he was battling bi- polar depression and it became such a huge hit that the same people who once said they wouldn’t work with him wanted him to host shows for them.

"I always knew I wanted to be a performer. I don't know if I grew up with comedy or what I do today grew up with me. I think we have always been partners in crime and today I feel very blessed to be in a position to get people to laugh," he says. Today, Danish dons several hats. He is an accomplished RJ, television host, MC and Improv artist. When asked what he enjoys doing most, he says,

When you are doing things you like doing you cannot really choose. It’s like having two kids and you cannot tell which child you like more.

For Kubra, the beginnings were humble yet very special. “I was all of 12 or 13 years when I hosted my first show. It was for the Padmashri Institute of Physiotherapy where they were felicitating seven doctors from all over the state. For me it was a big thing, my fragile body draped in a five metre sari and being gifted a huge basket of fruits, a garland and chocolates which I could barely even hold,” she says. Although the fruit basket has now made way for awards and fat pay cheques, it is the same little girl on stage, ever enthusiastic and raring to go!

Kubra was once an introvert and being on stage was not even a distant possibility. She credits her mother for instilling confidence. “Popularity for me is pleasure. When I moved from Dubai leaving behind a cushy job, I decided to be famous. With fame comes great responsibility and I am ready to embrace both,” she says with conviction.

Influences, inspiration, and challenges …

Danish is inspired by the people of Bengaluru. “The more you listen, the more you observe, the better is the content you end up delivering,” he says. A huge fan of Seth Macfarlane, he wants to have an animated series of his own someday where he can voice all his characters.

Talking of challenges, Danish says, “My biggest hurdle in the journey so far has been me and my impatience.”

Kubra tells me how as a kid Danish would suddenly pace across the street and live in the moment. “We always feared he would hurt himself because of his erratic behaviour” she says.

Danish says his impatience has taken away a lot of things from him adding there were times when he would scream,shout and break things in the house. He thanks his mother and sister for putting through it and being there for him always.

Being a woman in the media industry or anywhere else for that matter is a challenge in itself in this country.

Kubra recalls how she was once asked to dress to please by an event manager and says it is one of the toughest things she faces in her profession. The transformation from being an introvert to somebody who can rattle away her heart out on stage has been metamorphic for her. Kubra says her mother is her greatest inspiration and her ability to blend into every generation is what amazes her.

What it takes…

Danish’s message to youngsters wanting to take up a career in his field is that there is no definite road to success. “Don’t forget where you belong and the days you have been through to be where you are today. Live the idea, dream the idea and be realistic. Choose your friends wisely,” he says.

“If you want to be a public speaker, be honest. Most people depend on scripted lines. Danish and I always go with a few notes and pretty much everything we deliver on stage comes straight from the heart,” adds Kubra and says it is very important to be good at what you do. “Don’t do it for the money, do it for the passion and love,” she concludes.

This story is definitely incomplete without talking about the real superstar, Kubra and Danish’s mother, the Momager Yasmin Sait, who manages both of them. “She is a fantastic manager to work with. Manager is one, momager is the other. The way she has coped with the people and surroundings is amazing,” they say, adding it is her fierce passion that keeps them going.

The siblings continue to grow with each passing day, achieving bigger milestones, travelling to new countries and winning more hearts. “Danish may be the poster boy of Bengaluru but no matter where we are and how many people there are, the moment he says, didi, can you do this for me?didi, can we leave? My heart melts and that is all,” gushes Kubra.

The energy around them is infectious and in a world full of dwindling relationships, it is stories like these that reinstate our faith in the power of love and the importance of a family.


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