MobilArt using carrier billing to serve entertainment on mobile


This article is a part of a carrier billing series sponsored by Vodafone developers program.

MobilArt is a mobile company focused on B2B and B2C content solutions. The company was started in 2012 as a VAS company for creative content creation for third party platform partners in the entertainment genre. In 2014-15, the company claims to have achieved top line revenue of Rs16 cr in their B2C business.

MobilArt targets anyone who needs entertainment, awareness, knowledge or information on the go. Their audience spans across rural and urban, as the lack of media devices like TV, radio, and computers in media-dark rural areas boosts the use of mobile. This makes mobile the best and only means of media in these locations.

B2B and B2C offerings

B2B Products: MobilArt provides solutions that combine varying elements of digital content, technology and marketing, to provide end-to-end support – from concept creation to delivery – across all forms of digital platforms.

YourStory had an email conversation with Gurmeet Singh, the founder and operating director of MobilArt. He tells us, “Whether our customers require solutions geared towards web content, social media content or mobile game/app development, our B2B vertical has backward integration, allowing us to focus on communication for digital solutions. This provides us with a strong differentiator; indeed, an edge over regular media agencies.”

MobilArt has developed expertise in creating low-cost consumption models that involves the use of QR codes for a quick link to videos, augment reality (AR) based solution and the use of a short-code system for a full-fledged digital campaign.

The adoption of 2G and 3G technology in India coupled with the growth of smarter devices, requires creation of relevant content for wireless consumers. In B2C Products, MobilArt focuses on utilizing its core expertise in content creation across genres of education and entertainment to generate revenue through operators. MobilArt has products for regional content with more than 35,000 minutes of audio/video content, education based content, gaming, entertainment, life and yoga, as well as a WAP portal for wallpapers and videos.”

In B2B products: MobilArt provides solutions that combine varying elements of digital content, technology and marketing, to provide end-to-end support – from concept creation to delivery – across all digital platforms.

 The Vodafone connection

MobilArt provides Vodafone’s customer base with the highest quality content for mobile, including 360 degree offerings in devotional, Bollywood, education, glamour, gaming, lifestyles and comedy genres; customized regional content in addition to regular generic content. Innovative, unique and in-house content with IPR is its differentiator from other content providers. Other domestic Telecom Partners are IDEA, AIRCEL, AIRTEL BSNL and MTS.

Gurmeet Singh says, “Thanks to Vodafone, we were introduced to the idea of creating our own platform on Data Service (D2C), where today, we serve our content directly to consumers. Thanks to the support of operators like Vodafone, we have developed a sustainable, long-term business in this segment, which we are now expanding to various other operators in India, and internationally.”

“It’s the most secure and quickmode of payment compared to other billing options. Also, we can target the masses. With Vodafone, we have these advantages:

  1. Billing is transparent and accurate
  2. Payments are timely
  3. There is great support from the Vodafone team with respect to knowledge sharing and technical support,” he adds.

Going ahead

At present they are a team of 40 people spread across 5 locations, and this figure is expected to touch 100 by the end of this financial year across all platforms and businesses.

Gurmeet shares with YourStory about the current macro trends they are seeing on mobile. The growth area for apps is in entertainment, games, utility, information, knowledge, and health. There is increased consumption of video content, shopping and m-commerce, and mobile advertising for B2B and B2C.

Regarding the India specific trends he added, “India is the world’s second largest mobile market by connections and unique subscribers. Social media and entertainment (21 % each) are consumed by a majority of mobile users, followed by games (15 %). Email comprises 12 % media consumption time, followed by shopping (9 %) and local search (8 %)”.

Going ahead, demand will be very high for operator carrier billing as consumers can pay through their mobile wallets without divulging their credit or debit card details. Secondly, this is a faster and transparent process. Third, it can target the right masses. Thus carrier billing in the future will be a critical facilitator of commerce and trade on mobile.