Announcing MobileSparks 2015 ! Building for the next billion users


Mobile is truly eating the world. And this growth is coming from developing countries like India. With a population of over 1.3 billion, India currently has more than 900 million mobile subscriptions out of which reports estimate that more than 200 million use data on the mobile. This is huge but the penetration has just started coming in, a major chunk of the next billion people coming on the mobile via the internet will be from India.

2 billion smartphones.

Close to 3 billion people online.

There are more people with cell phones than we ever had land lines.

And to cater to these global phenomena, developers have upped their ante. See this list of mobile apps from India that have got millions of downloads. Indian startups are creating products for the globe as well as for the local needs and to track all these innovations, YourStory conducts MobileSparks every year.

To take a look at where we are and where the opportunity lies, we are coming up with the fourth edition of Mobile Sparks- YourStory’s annual conference dedicated to mobile startups and developers !

We started in 2012, where 19 companies showcased (get the detailed report) and then in 2013, we were back with another bunch of exciting companies in the mobile space. Last year’s startup pitches are already some of the top apps from India.

And now, it is time for MobileSparks 2015.

And we are bigger and better. 1000+ developers, 500+ startups, and hundreds of mobile ecosystem players will come together on August 7th and 8th in Bengaluru.

All you entrepreneurs in the mobile space, developers building apps for the next billion users and startups looking to showcase your app/product to the best of the best from the mobile ecosystem – don’t miss your chance.

Are you a startup? Join the league of exceptional mobile startups from India. Apply Now, to be a MobileSpark.

Are you a developer, entrepreneur, VC, or someone looking to start your own mobile startup or just want to be in the thick of all the action from the mobile space? Don’t miss this. Register now.

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