‘Be brave enough to listen to yourself’ – 45 quotes from Indian startup journeys


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Get your hands dirty. It’s the only way to learn.

Pallavi Mohadikar, Indofash

Over 60% of bank loan applications get rejected due to negative or no credit history.

Jyotsna Krishnan, Elevar Equity

India Post has an unmatched network that is critical for the growth of e-commerce in India.

-Ashish Chitravanshi, Snapdeal

According to industry estimates, the Indian logistics market is pegged at USD 150 billion and last mile connectivity constitutes 25% of that.

Uttam Digga, Porter

The outdoor market is very young, from an e-commerce perspective.

– Sandeep Pagi, AdClever

The wellness industry in India is worth INR 490 billion, and wellness services alone comprise 40 percent of the market.

– Make in India report

Only two per cent of the total retail in India is online.

Krishna Lakamsani, iPay

The lack of quality assurance continues to be an unsolved problem for the traveller.

Sidharth Gupta, Treebo

India is not an early adopter, leave alone an innovator.

- Adarsh Natarajan, Aindra Systems

It can be nerve-racking to serve tea to a total stranger.

Jiten Suchede, JugMug Thela

We’re heading to times when everything is connected and we cannot take risks.

Riyaz Ahemed Walikar, OWASP

Data is much more than an opportunity; it is an imperative.

Rob Thomas and Patrick McSharry, ‘Big Data Revolution

Apps are needed since they are more convenient than a browser. However, it should be easier to search for, use, and discard apps than it is now.

Karthik Srinivasan

As we embark on the journey of buying media, we must look at the 6Ms; Market, Mission, Message, Medium, Money & Measurement.

Ankit Rawal, InMobi

The deconstruction of where passion comes from is vital for an entrepreneur.

Ankur Pandey

With money flowing into large e-commerce giants from investors, consolidation in the sector is inevitable.

Ashish Jhalani, eTailing India

Entrepreneurs need to clearly identify what is the slice of white space they are capturing that the big guys are not focusing on.

Vani Kola, Kalaari Capital

If we are unable to rise to the challenge, we would be leading sub optimal lives.

- Svati Bhogle, SustainTech

Be brave enough to listen to yourself.

- Upasna Kakroo, BrandAnew.co

Money can only give comfort and luxury, not happiness.

– Swarnalatha, Swarga

Every challenge feels it is the biggest until another one comes along.

- Roheena Nagpal, Atelier

You will never have all the answers before starting a new venture.

- Sunena Saigal, BuzzingBubs

You really need to prove to family and friends that you have enough faith and dedication in the startup you are working on.

- Natasha Jain, Ruplee

The kind of care and attention given to geriatric healthcare patients is completely neglected.

- Kavya J., Frontenders

Hardware product validation and iteration cycles are much longer than software ones. Getting funding is relatively difficult.

Yash Kotak, FundaMine

Talk to other entrepreneurs who have fundraised. Learn from their experiences.

- Naiyya Saggi, BabyChakra

Enjoy building the plane while flying it!

- Jessica Tangelder, trainer

The biggest challenge for a startup is to get talented people.

Ishdeep Sawhey, Banihal

The biggest challenge is retaining a delivery boy.

Vikas Pandey, Yhungry

Each day holds new challenges.

Suvro Ghosh, HelpMeDoc

Startups demand different sets of competencies at various stages. Co-founders need to be fast learners in order to acquire new in-demand skills.

Pardeep Goyal

As a failed entrepreneur, you learn what you shouldn’t do, rather than what you should do.

Deepanshu Manchanda, ZappFresh

I have always believed that following your passion is very important in life.

Yuvraj Singh, YouWeCan Ventures

Once you find your right team, stand by it, no matter what!

– Arun Tangri, MapleGraph

Not every company has enigmatic founders who look good in print.

Ashwin Sreekumar Nair, MySmartPrice

Competitors make the market interesting.

Shruti Reddy, RentSetGo

No nation without the instinct for adventure can rise up in the world.

– Capt. Kohli

Creativity is like a muscle. If you don’t use it, you lose it.

Rowan Gibson, ‘Four lenses of innovation’

Secondary storage makes up over 80 percent of an organization’s data.

Mohit Aron, Cohesity

Entrepreneurship is a full-time occupation. You cannot switch off.

Santhosh Karnananda, MeraEnglish.com

It is amazing to wake up every day and come to your own office instead of working to make someone else’s idea bigger.

– Jeevika, Stappu

Ignorance is in the heart of corruption in our country.

- Prabhakar Singh, Janta Choupal

Very often, a lot of people get into social enterprise like hammers looking for nails.

- Jacob Mathew, Industree Crafts Foundation

We have an enormous opportunity in India to build brands and even transport it globally.

Vani Kola, Kalaari Capital


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