'Be a farmdost' initiative for students to help them understand life of an average farmer


To give school students a true experience of what an average farmer has to go through daily, Tractor and Farm Equipment Ltd launched its ‘Be a FarmDost’ initiative in Coimbatore, providing them with kits containing seeds and other material like an institutional manual.

The initiative was aimed to celebrate the farmer and bring back the farming community into the social consciousness and to encourage students to understand the importance of farmers, Sunitha Subramanyam, Senior Deputy General Manager, Corporate Communications, said at the launch at National Model Higher School, Coimbatore.

Through this initiative, the company wanted to reach 20,000 school children in Coimbatore by distributing FarmDost kits, which contain seeds, a packet of cocopeat, a friendship agreement, a farmdost sticker,an institutional manual,besides letters to them and their parents, requesting child’s involvement in this, she said.

Once students participate by cultivating seeds from the kit,they are expected to click pictures of the farming process regularly and post it on FarmDost website, Sunitha said. The pictures will later be promoted as Be a #FarmDost Page-Facebook. com/farmdost and the top three students from each city will be awarded Best #FarmDost student award, she said.

After covering the initiative in Coimbatore, Madurai and Trichu, it would be held in Chennai schools, somewhere in Mid August and awarding ceremony will be held during September. Another award ‘ThankYouFarmers Student’ award will encourage students to meet, interact and thank farmers in an innovative way, Sunitha said.

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