Specialised insurance protection for SMEs provided by Mumbai based insurance brokers


Bharat RE Insurance Brokers has decided to expand its offer of specialised insurance cover to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The move is aimed at protecting the SMEs sector from various unforeseen circumstances such as flood, political disturbances, fire, accident in operating equipment and terror attacks.

"Bharat RE is reaching out to SMEs, including small entrepreneurs, in our target markets and offer them holistic insurance protection since this sector is prone to several risks including breakdown of production at the factories," Bharat RE Director Global Strategy & Special Projects, T L Arunachalam, said in a statement in Mumbai.

"We have set up a team of 40 people to work on this sector and identified various hidden risks that the small entrepreneurs are facing and offer them adequate insurance cover at a reasonable cost," Arunachalam said.

Bharat RE is spreading awareness among medium and large corporate customers, who are eligible to avail several critical and specialised insurance cover to ensure they get higher extent of protection and for lesser cost. Many small Indian entrepreneurs can now take benefit of this facility to optimise the premium cost and also better coverage wordings.

Bharat RE is now also looking at the aspects of insurance to cover cyber crime, which is now a growing concern among the Indian entrepreneurs.

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