Sahar Zaman- Creating and making art accessible


An arts journalist, art curator, television anchor and designer of brand Chamak Patti, Sahar Zaman successfully wears many hats. She has been a journalist for over 14 years, closely tracking the Indian art market and modern and contemporary artists. Did we mention that she’s also a full time mother?

Sahar Zaman- Creating and making art accessible

Sahar has had the privilege of interviewing some of the most renowned artists India boasts, from M F Hussain to Tyab Mehta to S H Raza to Souza and other contemporary artists like Subodh Gupta and Jitish Kallat.

To get away from the unrelenting circus of political news and feed on her need for creativity, Sahar started her own home decor and jewellery brand, Chamak Patti.

At Chamak Patti, Sahar works with sheets of reflective sticker which are tediously hand cut by her and used in patterns of her design. The venture started with Sahar decorating trunks with these stickers.

But she got a positive response from her family and friends, which in turn made her expand to table tops, wooden furniture, jewellery and glass bottles.

Sahar, who continues to write on art, started Hunar TV – Asia’s first web TV for arts and literature, with the intention of creating a platform to make art accessible to common people. She also passionately writes about art and is writing a book on Indian contemporary art.

She wants to bring awareness and focus on great works created by Modern Masters like Souza, Raza and Tyab Mehta . Sahar also curates shows but is clear about curating shows that have some social or political relevance.

In this video Sahar talks about her entrepreneurial journey and love for art.


Video editor: Anjali Achal

Cameraman : Manoj


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