Announcing the second edition of YourStory Startup Jobs Fair at MobileSparks 2015


In your professional career, you are always presented with two choices – one, is to take the safe route, join a big company and climb up the ranks, picking up more qualifications along the way. The second, more exciting option is to take the plunge into the rough seas of the startup world. It’s all guts and glory, where falling is hard and rise is rapid; your work speaks for you and in a few short years, you are acquainted with every aspect of running a company and are an integral part of the company’s decisions.

YourStory is proud to announce the second edition of Startup Jobs Fair, which will happen on Day 1, (August 7th, 2015) of MobileSparks. Startup Jobs Fair which will bring together the brightest startups of the country all in one place. And these startups are looking to hire you!

Apply now to meet the best startups in the country.

On the side lines of the fair, we will be conducting multiple workshops that will throw light upon-- User Experience, Product and Growth in Mobile.

Workshops tracks are as follows

Track 1 - Workshops, August 7th, 2015
11.30 am - 12.30 pmWorkshop 1How to build a great user experience in Mobile
12.30 pm - 01.30 amWorkshop 2How to define your growth strategy for Mobile
02.30 pm - 03.30 amWorkshop 3How to build a product for Mobile first consumers

You can Register here for the Workshops.

Startups, this is your best chance to find your dream team, so hurry up and contact us if you want to showcase your employment opportunities to the talent pool.

For more details about the Startups Jobs Fair, Please visit -


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