Budli changes the way we look at used gadgets

What do I do with that old mobile phone of mine? Will I get a good price in exchange for the new phone? How do I dispose of the old phone? These are questions that plague most of us when we are about to buy a new phone and don’t know what to do with the old one.

Most of the time we get a pittance in exchange or we just let our old gadgets lie in some forgotten corner of a drawer.  Environmentally friendly ways to refurbish your old used gadgets still seem like a distant dream. Budli, a company that started in Kolkata in 2013, aims to solve this problem with its rather simple business model.


There are only three steps that need to be followed to get ones gadget sold on Quote the price, ship it and get paid. There are no hidden charges or selling cost, and they already have free shipment pickups from most locations in India. The focus is on people who want to buy certified pre owned gadgets from a trusted source with an assurance of a warranty.

Rohit Bagaria , the Founder says:

This is a very exciting space. This is an emerging space. so there are a number of companies which are coming up and trying to solve this problem one way or the other, our business model is unique there are different people looking at solving this problem in different ways. We are looking at it at a larger perspective and on a longer perspective.

The company moved to Bangalore a few months ago to be a part of the bigger startup ecosystem here and to gain from it. The longer term vision of the company is to bridge the digital gap in India through technology and re-commerce. Currently they operate in tablets, smartphones and laptops.

Though re-commerce is yet to take off in a big way in the country, the potential it holds may change the way we look at old gadgets.

Cameraman: Rukmangada Raja / Editor: Anjali Achal

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