Dabbawalas to promote hand-washing practice among Mumbaikars as part of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan


The famed dabbawalas of Mumbai will begin a seven day-drive to deliver soaps and handwash to around 100,000 people from next week, in a bid to promote hygienic practices among the residents.

The dabbawalas, who deliver around two lakh lunches to office-goers everyday, have associated with VVF India under a drive where they will distribute handwash to people and promote the simple hygiene measure. The drive is a part of VVR India’s initiative to help Mumbaikars build healthy habits.

Every dabbawala will be given free samples of Bacter Shield hand wash and soap in the coming week. “In a fast-paced city like Mumbai people barely have the time to stay fit and eat healthy. The least they can do is ensure basic hygiene by washing their hands periodically. This will go a long way to ensure that they steer clear of diseases,” Raghunath Medge, president of Mumbai Dabbawala Association told PTI.

“Every morning lakhs of homemakers make dabbas to protect their family members from falling sick by eating outside food. Mumbai Dabbawalas will partner with Bacter Shield to help inculcate in people the healthy habits at home and outside,” Ashish Potdar, senior vice president and business head – Consumer Products at VVF India said. VVF is a global player in the Chemicals and Personal Care product industries.

The dabbawalas, known world over for their efficiency in delivering tiffins, were also appointed brand ambassador of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take taking forward the ‘Clean India’ mission.

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