Report suggests most employees feel recognition is vital for productivity; are we appreciating our employees enough?


When it comes to productivity at work place, recognition is considered as a vital element compared to perks, benefits and raises as 37 per cent employees feel it is the most effective way to motivate workforce to produce great work, a recent survey said. "If your goal is to create environments where great work happens, and happens a lot, consider recognition. It's been found to be the most effective element in causing employees to produce great work. About 37 per cent of the respondents feel recognition is the most effective element in causing employees to produce great work", a Recognition Trends for 2015 report by OC Tanner said.

The survey has taken data from more than 8.5 million recognition moments, along with third party research. The report further said while recognition is the number one driver of great work for all generations, younger employees also value pay (7 per cent) while older employees want autonomy (12 per cent). "Employees who are 25-35 years old want first and foremost to be recognised for their work. Pay raises and inspiration are also significantly more important to this group than to other groups", the report pointed out.

Interestingly, for employees 35-44, pay raises are less important and a larger share of respondents say their manager doesn't need to do anything because they are 'self-motivated', it said. This feeling of 'self-motivation' increases as employees get older, the report revealed. It also found that more and more people recognise the power of story as a way to connect, a social score card or a display piece that is a symbolic award that exemplifies their contributions and sacrifices.

Recipients of career achievement awards report that receiving personalised comments and pictures with the recognition deepens the overall experience, it said. It found that when leaders, co workers, friends and family have an opportunity to include comments and photos, it results in a personalised experience that is meaningful and creates a keepsake which is cherished by the employees. When recognition is not done well it usually backfires and creates animosity within the team, the report added.

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