Govt pitches for measures to sensitise men on bringing gender parity in media


Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar pitched for measures to sensitise men on bringing gender parity in media, entertainment and other sectors to end the “discrimination” being faced by women. “We need to consistently do this awareness campaign particularly in the family and office environment. With education, awareness and empowerment and the result-giving ability, I think the day of equal opportunity is not very far”, he said.

Speaking at a “national dialogue” on ‘An Equal Space: Gender Parity in the Media and Entertainment Sector’ organised by ASSOCHAM, Javadekar said that the world has lost a great deal of talent by not partnering with women. “Since ages, mankind has been unable to use such a great pool of talent, potential and capability as it did not recognise the power of women. And even today we don’t know whether or not America will get its first women President”, he said.

He said that women have the power of 4Cs which stands for compassion, conviction, consistency and courage. “I believe that women have more of these qualities than men”, he said. He said women are making mark in every field and taking over men. “If Vidya Balan and Kangana Ranaut can single-handedly bring success to a movie then it should be a worry for Salman (Khan) and others”, he said.

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