Indian pharma industry is capable of discovering new drugs, expert says


Indian pharma industry is capable of discovering at least a couple of new drugs in the next 10 years, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries founder and managing director Dilip Shanghvi said. He, however, cautioned that the industry should gear up to strengthen the core areas such as clinical development and research capabilities. India has enormous opportunity to discover drugs but there are a few areas where we need to strengthen our capabilitie especially in the area of biology and clinical development.

"I am sure within next 10 years, we will have new drugs from Indian firms as well", Shanghvi said at the symposium 'DRILS Synergy 2015' organised by the Dr Reddys Institute of Life Sciences (DRILS). He said Indian Pharma companies including Sun Pharma are setting up labs abroad due to lack of expertise in India in the areas necessary. Later speaking to reporters, GV Prasad Dr Reddys Laboratories co-chairman and chief executive officer said DRILS, which was incorporated in 2004, is working with over 20 pharma companies from India as well as abroad in their research projects.

DRILS will step up its focus on collaboration with startups besides big corporates in research, Prasad said. Akella Venkateswarlu, Founder-Director of DRILS, said the institute is ready to offer solution-focussed research to industry in life sciences, drug discovery and product development. According to him, DRILS focuses mainly focusing on the areas of metabolic disorders, immunology and zebra fish biology.

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