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Before you watch this video below let me tell you about Lybrate. While we have many doctor appointment booking platforms, the problem of booking an appointment, going to the hospital and waiting for the doctor still persists. Lybrate claims to solve this problem by connecting you instantly to the doctor. was founded by Saurabh Arora and Rahul Narang in 2013 and is one of the fastest growing healthcare platforms in India. It helps patients communicate with a network of doctors through a mobile app or online from anywhere and at anytime. And it does this while keeping the patients' anonymity intact.

That Lybrate is doing well is evident from the fact that just last month, it had secured $10.2 million in Series A funding from Tiger Global Management, Ratan Tata, and from their existing investor Nexus Venture Partners.

According to Saurabh Arora, Lybrate was born out of the need to eliminate chemists/pharmacists prescribing medicines to patients. This was something which Saurabh witnessed on one of his many trips to India and that led him to look for solutions to this challenge. He finally quit his job with Facebook in the U.S. and moved to India to co found Lybrate.

The patient-doctor ratio in our country is skewed to say the least. According to some estimates, for every doctor there are 1700 patients! Saurabh spoke with Yourstory about the challenges in the healthcare sector in India and how Lybrate is stepping in and trying to mitigate these by offering high quality healthcare to those that often cannot access it. One of the most pressing issues is that of matching demand and supply. Lybrate claims to have resolved this issue with more than 80,000 doctors across different specialisations in India currently connected with its service.

Since one’s health and health concerns are a very private matter, Saurabh says that Lybrate offers patients the anonymity they seek. This specially comes in handy when patients want to consult with doctors on subjects related to sexual health, psychological problems etc.

The Lybrate app also has something called the ‘Health Feed’ which offers tips by doctors concerning their specialty for any user. Listen in to Saurabh Arora, CEO and Co-founder of Lybrate for more.

Cameraperson: Natraj

Video Editor: Anand


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